rembering 1990


New York 1990


soon exactely 25 years agao!

 NOW, 25 YEARS LATER … I can se the same ”Christmas”  energy  in

 Alexander McQueens creations. as in window Christmas  decoration in New York.

 … I remember because I recently got in contact with the 1990s again!

 In December 1990, I went to the USA, with the aim to connect with the art world!

I travelled to New York with a group of people connected to Björn Wetterling.

We visited the studios of some celebreties in the art world as, such as  La Noue, Terence,

Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella and James Rosenqvist and some others,

like printers and assistents.

… our meeting with James Roseqvist!

Rosenqvist showing his work and at the same time kindly taking care of us in his studio.
to the left: a lovely art piece of Rosenqvist in a corner at Mooma, and to the right James himself in his studio. (photo Zeppa)

National Art Awards

Frank Stella 

 on shaping the canvas

Frank Stella: Scarlatti and Bali Sculputure Series


… our meeting with Frank Stella!

    (photo zeppa) 

 Humble Mr Frank Stella telling us about his work and showing us his studio!

(photo zeppa)

(photo zeppa)

 Robert Rauchenberg

 22 October 1925 – 12 May 2008

Remembering Rauchenberg, By Jim Lewis

 … our visit to his studio!

Rauchenberg´s Studio was the coolest studio I have ever seen… an entire building,

with several floors, studios and living spaces… all very nicly put together.
(photo Zeppa)

This goat of Rauchenberg ”lives” among us here in Sweden,

 at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, and the goat has made

a deep, deep impression on me of a kind that I can´t grasp!
First floor, Studio Rauchenberg (photo Zeppa)

Half of the first floor in the Rauchenberg building was a very large room resembling a

churchlike room… so beautiful and such sacred atmosphere.  All of his space did inspire

the mind to different activities… what a creative way to live!

LA Noue, Terence

… our visit to his studio!

Resturant visit with Terence… to the right, his studio… connected to a lovely living space. (photo Zeppa)

We were invited to a coctail party at Terence´s the

 studio before the evening´s visit to the restaurant .

I was especially impressed by one object in his living  room  (beside his work)

… it was a 2000 year old mummy of a little girl… it was very strange

… it had an effect on me… wonder if such company is healthy?

coctail.La Noe
Coctail party in La Noue Studio, 1990 (photo zeppa)


1990… my own work at the time!

Zeppa STUDIO, 1990, Gotenburg.
 I worked

 … mostly with two sizes as shown in the photo above. Later, in December, I had a

pleasant break from this work, switching to an interior decorating project where I

was hired to design and create/renew the image of a classic old café in Gothenburg.

The same type of ”Picture Letter” as the group I brougth

to LA were my inspiration for the entire interior project!

the group I brougth to LA: ”Picture Letters”, by Zeppa, 1990, ”’The Los Angeles Group”
The Zeppa INTERIOR design, 1992 Gothenburg, Sweden. 


Los Angeles  1990

… arriving on 4th December.

I left New York very early in the morning, alone… and extremly nervous, as the taxi driver

who showed up with a wild appearans, chose a way through the very dark park ,

driving like a mad man, mumbling strange words… and an no identifing photo in the

window… I had just heard horror stories with clear directives: don´t travel with taxi drivers

without a photo ID! I arrived in L A not knowing anyone

at all… but with clear focus, my trip was planned!

Zeppa, L A… by night!


In connection with The Art Fair I did meet Mr Joel Kessler who very generously

invited me to different events and introduced me to different people… … as like for the

big  party at Karen and Tony Barones Studio in Venice, in some way related to L A Art fair.

and… my meeting with Extraordinaire Joel Kessler 
Mr Joel Kessler
Joel Kessler at the party in the studio of the couple Karen and Tony Barone in Venice.

The BUZZ.hel
Barones party news paper, ”The BUZZ”… December 1990.                                                                                                                                                           Barones
(me in red)  🙂
quests at Barones party
Some other quests at the party!

 BaronesKaren Barone and Tony Barone… the greate party fixer!