Málaga and Flamenco

Málaga & holiday!

Fuimos así Espanyol


 … and we loved it!


Some reflections, both realistic and poetic… I don´t really know the differens… to my friends amusement  🙂  Maybe it is an artists never ending dilemma to hovering between the two!

Three of us friends went to Fuengirola to have a few days of. What a wonderful luxury to just enjoy,  just hanging around with best friends… I totally love it!                                                                             It is strange how famliliar Spain feels, despite the cultural difference to Sweden, such as temperament, it´s really the opposite… apart from some hot friends of course 😉

Spain is beautiful!

This, my little not of our trip is a mishmash of various topics… just like life itself!


We were so exited and had been looking so forward to our first flamenco-time.                                   … Jippi, here we GO!

Annika and Helene

… girlpower-ladys in real life!




The Heat Is On!


Hahaaaha… must admit, this was hot – without his awareness – I felt hunted and wanted!            DON´T YOU?

a short version

a longer version



Flamenco at Casa Patas

O my God… they are good!

STUMBLED upon this wideo while I was searching at google.

So amazed by the power, the presence by thees very young girls.

What a super boost for the up-growing!

I will definitely find this place – Casa Patas – if I´m going to Madrid.



 The Hot and the Red…
Malaga to celebrate Malaga Film Festival – Olive Press News Spain
And the winner are…

Banderas presence hovered over the gigantic Carpet, still one day after the event.

…. and  we went for a walk!

… but Helene

WOW… Where Did that Come From?

Star of the day!

🙂   🙂   🙂



… hmmm! 😉





”Who are You behind these many Forms?”

[The Thin Red Line, 1998]



“Barabara”, zeppa art.


Carmen, Swedish danser with Andalusian DNA…                                                                                          She is a peace of Spain. She is a fusion between Vikings and Matadors in a very feminin and delicate packaging.

… an extra ordinare persen and dancer.                                                                                                     Spain should claim her!

digital sketch by me, with real components.
“pang”, a close collaboration between us two.




 jewellery and other things!

loca de amor


España 7 29640 Fuengirola Málaga Tel. 952 2260




An anecdote concerning Paplo Picasso;

In competition with New York the Swedish artist Bengt Olson succeeded to bring Picassos largest sculpture, 15 m high, to Kristinehamn (Sweden) 19??, … a great achievement… luckily Picasso preferred Kristinehamn before New York! So there it is, and people are traveling all the way up just to visit the sculpture.

Nice… don´t you think?


below; Picasso in front of the modell to the sculpture, with Regards to Bengt Olson.

Photo by Carl Nesear





I don´t remember the name of this place, we were walking, talking and discussing things, and had an urge for coffee in the same time… and there it was, our door for a break and surprise! I just love patterns, specially when different patterns meet, crossing and overlay each other… it is like getting close to a multidimensional  reality… in other words, getting close to the truth!  😉

 … and then some more

 … of the shopping!





Giggle   🙂

There are no words for the feeling, the pleasure of being close to the see, the senses of the beach and the water… listening to the waves… love it! I think it is the best of relaxing moments for the soul.

The most wonderful day!


…  a day to remember your inner purpose, your goals and your heart!


Late, Lovely and Lucrative breakfast!


private “spacy” time!

It´s all about the reaching of the insight, the knowing about the inner being.                         Hopefully finding Paradise somewhere!



… and of course, the MAKE-UP-TIME!

Hahaaa… in the middle of the webinar!!!  As I said, life is a mishmash of a complexed pattern… and you are going nuts when you try to understand it! The makeup-time is the time when we girls are having our understandings, sharing our secrets, warm up dancing and a lot of laughter!

Highlight moments… right!?

night out

Annika – truly the Queen of the dance floor 
and “Bubba”… yea, He sooo DID check her out… we had to run for it! 

blabla bla… what!!… is it true… NOOO… YES… WOW…                                                                         HaHaaHa… love it! But… so, shall we… blabla…  hahaa                                                                  What the f. hahaaa… but I will do it for bla bla bla, or?!? shit!





… the little village up in the on the mountain where you have a grandiose wye over Fuengirola with the surroundings

Last day

Seriously… so much to say, to think and to share!

Saving the holiday to remember in dark wintertimes… preparing for the hard working life, feeling grateful, humble and happy!

Always in my heart… love you guys!


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