… absolute complexity of being




foto by Lisa, mother of the children

Molly and Theo, 4 years old, , immediately when they entered my studio, very spontansly  recognizing them selfes in “Paradise” . They just had promise S:t Claus to stop using their teat! … not an easy task!

I have interpreted some friends … their presently siting with themselves in life, type “taro” according to zeppa’s presentation of psyche / human characteristics trough the work “Paradise”. My friends have had to choose a face in the work where they can recognize themselves in the present. It feels exciting! Based on which face they choose, I can according to my own filter read, point out in a poetic way what their inner mirrors show … right in the moment, now in life! Here I show some of them: 



person: O

person: B

person: O

person: J


person: L

person: B

person: A


person: C


person: A

When the work – Paradise – is completed, the person who wishes to be read in such a way by me will be able to order an interpretation! A digital artwork, printed on canvas with themselves as the main character.

Ordering opportunities will be available on two different levels. The most exclusive will be a high-resolution print on canvas, with brush stroke on top.                                                                                                                    … of course I have to meet the person a couple of hours to be able to understand how to explain the choice of face in the board. … exciting and fun for both the person who wants to be interpreted, and me!






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