The Robot Artist-Zeppa

WHO IS SHE?… just entering my studio!

This is about Artificial Intelligence … it’s about what’s coming, which is actually already here, even though we don’t really see it yet … but we soon will.

For My part, a robot artist has already walked in … one who even thinks that I should work as her assistant … DUH!!

… it’s both humorous but also a bit brutal,

it’s like no ordinary pick-nick… so to speak!

PS: this post is a sketch, the beginning of a project!

a moviecut


a moviecut


a moviecut


… nodding towards me!

The projected digital animation, titled 'Cohesive Flesh', was created by Malgorzata Zboinska  
as a part of her artistic project 'Architectural Convertibles' funded by 
the Swedish Research Council Vetenskapsrådet.


… nodding towards me… like she wants me to assist her!




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