corona… can it transform to light and pink?


TODAY… I think I will die if I get Covid-19… probably not alone in this thoughts. But anyway… if… I hope to go in an enlightened  pink dream…

That fear turns in to courage!

art-photo by zeppa

to go in an enlightened pink dream.

work in progress

two trousers in different fabrics became this top… because it became to strange, I looked like a pink S:t Claus,

the Christmas guy!  🙂

 ... my first encounter with the ritual of society ...  I am looking at my godmother who has handed me over to this strange omission - foreign power - not scary, just very strange.
... what transformations we go through in life, both bodily and in the personality!

      ... even though the higher self is intact and untouched! The coreof the self is in the photo... exactly the same core as now in grown up life. Wonder what happens with that core when it leaves all the layers of personality?!
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