Quality Hotel The Weaver


This blog post is about my desire to think positively, to look ahead… It´s simply an artist looking at her surroundings and thinking… damn corona! How wonderful it will be when it is over! Many people have been invested at different levels of energi in this project below.

I do care… and I do love to express it!

… through some pictures, some text and

below – 4 – short films!

Quality Hotel The Weaver

There is something going on in Mölndal

photo, Petter Stordalen

Two gentlemen – two companies

Petter Stordalen – Nordic Choice & Lennart Larsson – Husvärden AB

MöLndal’s new landmark

The construction is advancing, the building growing taller by the day… the high-profile Quality Hotel The Weaver. It sits within the grounds of Krokslätts Fabriker and will be managed by Nordic Choice.

The First Sod!

As with all Nordic Choice hotels, it aspires to be a welcoming “living room” for staying guests and visitors alike. In due time, when circumstances permit, food will be served, from simple snacks to gourmet dinners, as is the custom at Nordic Choice hotels.

The formidable garage that manages to enhance the area instead of marring it!

GARAGE by Wingård

Something absolutely lovely about this spot!

To the great advantage of the hotel is, on the one hand the main road outside, taking you straight to the city centre, either by car or by tram; on the other, a beautiful wooded area within a short walking distance with prepared tracks for running or rambling.

Have a look here!

… incredibly close to The Weaver!

“on the other side”



And another thing!

Close by you will find two attractive neighbours, for anyone in need of either: For your physical  health the well equipped gym Nordic Wellness, and for anyone wishing to enhance their looks, the Art Clinic


Quality Hotel The Weaver

Imagine being able to welcome friends and clients here, to stay for a night or more, to hang out, to socialize … pure pleasure!

I can see myself asking friends (in Swedish) “Ska vi träffas på Vävaren?”

… sounds good, doesn´t it !?


KROKSLÄTTS FABRIKER…IT IS a realLy nice place!

… and I will tell you more about that another time!

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