A Shadow In The Light


… a teaser !

To prepare your mind and heart is truly very crucial… because it is oncoming!

the movie

… an poetic interpretation of the in coming era of artificial intelligence.

Oncoming, the film will be a part of a later context… it is supposed to run on a wall in an exhibition setting. There will be more…

 ONCOMING is a project and it includes other people… they are, and will be invited to participate by me. 



Thank you Carmen for letting me use your studio film-work as my tool.

Carmen Olsson  http://www.carmenolsson.com

Thank you Malgorzata for letting me use your moving light as my tool.

Malgorzata Zboinska  https://morfotactic.wordpress.com/

The projected digital animation, titled ‘Cohesive Flesh’, was created by Malgorzata Zboinska as a part of her artistic research project ‘Architectural Convertibles’ funded by the Swedish Research Council Vetenskapsrådet.

…  Molly and myself are also symbolic figures in this film.


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