OK, if I can play – as pretending – that I am a smart space-chicken!


… with my own spaceship, then i can cope with it!

There is already some kind of fashion-vibes on these face-things!

… will only use it in crowded spaces!

I Just have to document this very strange moment!

YOU´VJUST HAVE TO to find you´r own way in this contagious atmosphere, to make you´r mind accept it… for the moment there is no other choice. I really do think that this is just a begining of a type of living, for the moment we find it very difficult but somewhere in the future this in some way will be the normal. I am thinking specially at the divine antibiotics that in the rather soon future will lose it´s effect… maybe this will be, in a more development way, the alternative to that scenario! I believe that in the future, like in 10 years, people will look back at these times an feel horrified that we closed down nearly everything… I think it is absolutely urgent to start up all activities.. as in NOW… and it is absolutely urgent to design very comfortable protection alternativs… that people can cope with… find a way to be normal in!

We just have to step out of the anesthesia!!

… right!?

… would love to take a trip out there!

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