COURAGE – the film

I pass this sculpture every day – it speaks to me – it has enchanted me and that’s how this movie came about!

“COURAGE” has an inherent

My perspective of a friend and colleague´s sculpture, the
artist Bengt Olson. See if you can follow, listen and take in the essence of this sculpture for about 9 minutes… if so… just sit back and relax!

I admire Bengt’s way of facing life – as it comes, just for each day – constantly changing – he acclimatizes in a strong and present way, it inspires and I hope to draw a little from the insight of that life!


… I never could have imagined that this work would extend between 2016 – 2020 … but it has. It has come through many meetings, many charcoal sketches during our talks … I have not only traveled around Bengt’s planet, it feels like I landed there and sometimes strolled on beautiful beaches, sometimes got lost in dark forests and sometimes we laughed for years absolutely unique fun hauntings from Bengt’s long life.

The portrait has undergone major changes in the meantime … there are probably 10 different expressions before it ended with this last image. it started with seeing Bengt with both torso, cane and hat, but it could not … this became the true experience of my meeting with Bengt. Bengt Olson is specially famous in France, and in the middle of the portrait process he was reworded with a very fine price from France, it was a really great day:

more about Bengt:

oil on canvas size: 200 cm x 150 cm
size:178 47/64 in x 59 1/16 in

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