Andrew Tate – some kind of Hero/Anti-hero

Who is he really – many men & young guys adore him

the establishment loathes him

So interesting – why have we ended up in a form of the Middle Age!

Why is it God or the Devil – how did evolution come to this? I thought that we were moving forward, to a universal way of thinking – I thought that development would lift us out of “black&white” – that we would stop being stone age people – but we are stone age people – and it seams as if it has become necessary to go back a few 100 years – and I wish I lived at another planet.

That’s how I understand it right now!

he’s probably needed!

I think somehow this particular thing with Andrew Tate is interesting – it’s about masculinity.

There is much, much more at YouTube and in other media – I leave it to viewers to find out more if there is interest. I myself see this as an interesting temperature on all of us – where takes place on stage and what gets left behind – how the groupthink moves.

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