Gothenburg, 21 november, the first realy cold winter evening!

four Composer


Ylva Lund Bergner,

Johan Svensson

Axel Rudebeck

Øyvind Mæland

… inspirening moment in a small room with about 30 people in the 

 audience, to take note of these four composers’ , very minimalistic

works, performed by violonist Marco Fusi.

Marco Fusi

Marco Fusi webbsite

 the event:

Christina Roos

Christinas ceramic work
Christina, a friend of mine

  … makes this wonderfull art ”things”… something the tables,

the homes and the room need… and the people that goes with

 it… to be reminded of playfull energetically vibes!

Current exhibition at Sintra


CHRISTINA ROOS… greate Swedish ceramist and artist 

in amazement

  Ode Milk

my increadeable talanted space doughter



Seduce Me


no… not…

Here I am in my room of hope… and suddenly getting …  a messenger pling

 horrible news

from Ode´s  brother who lives in Paris. Several terror attacks just exploded,

tearing up the night in France. My God … and the only way to beat the darkness

 is to create light… how, indeed to do that?