The Bengt Olson Portrait

The Bengt Portrait 

Bengt Olson – Exhibition 2002 at Musee Maillol

19 oktober, my first visit to Bengts Studio in Gothenburg

Evening, in the kitchen, a glas of red wine and a very focused meting cross the old wooden table. Cricia, Bengts Wife was very supporting, understanding the situation… it is a effort to sit infront of a person at the first time and also expose that person for a very close up studio! … and, as you can see… it seems that I hade a very close op eye on myself to!

The first sketch, charol, 2014


Bengts exhibition at Galleri Scandinavia feb. 2017

Bengt at his vernisage… telling me a secret!  🙂

Musee Maillol

Picasso in real life

Bengt Olsson konstnär kristinehamn

Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde, Svenska Dagbladet

Swedish painter, who lives in France. ( 2014)


Bengt by Zeppa 2017






November 2015 B.dag.1.2.3.mindr.

Bengt is telling stories… from his life…

about his work and his friends… remembering colleagues and many other things, while I am sketching… wondrous encounters! In a couple of mounths I will start painting his portrait.

(swedish artist_Bengt olsson paris_living in Paris)


Started painting Bengt in september 2017.



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