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“Yea, though I walk trough the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”


triptyk, montage, acrylic and oil on canvas
for sale: SEK 300 000      EUR 28383.375     USD 31565.142   CNY 218421.312


About this painting

The series that went on for a couple of years on Swedish TV (when I was still watching TV) 
made a strange impression on me ... as a phenom, ozzy was unbeatable ... he personified the 
path between young pride and mature humility. It is so interesting that it affects everyone 
regardless of gender, social class ... as we approach the more end of life we ​​get distance 
to ourselves ... and through Ozzy it became ovois with so much humor, fun and also touching! 
Yes, I simply had to formulate it so this is my interpretation!








triptyk, acrylic, mixed media, montage


for sale: SEK 250 000 - EUR 23652.813  - USD 26304.285 - CNY 182017.760








Kind of unspeakable

Kind of Unspeakable

2005, triiptyk, acrylic on canvas, collage

for sale: SEK 200000 - EUR 18922.250 - USD 21043.428 - CNY 145614.208





titel for serie:



translated it means "picture-letters"... but it really can´t be translated in the right poetic way

Frames are designed by Zeppa specially for this "The Linné Group". 1992-94

private collection

The frames have the Zeppa logo and are signed with both name and thumb print on the back.

The gold leaf work was made by Gilders Almqvist



for sale

NR 23 frame white gold 

60 000 SEK.           5720,43 EURO              6322.900 USD


NR 16  frame gold                 

60 000 SEK            5720,43 EURO              6322.900 USD


NR 16 frame white gold 

60 000 SEK            5720,43 EURO                6322.900 USD


The Linné Group

numbered 1-25 – Material: pastel on carton-collage, glue. – Size: 30”x48,5”/ 76cmx124cm, including frame.

The Hub

8 picture letters, the hub of the entire interior work of mine, mounted over the bar at then Evas Paley (do not exist anymore)

The interior design 1992 at Evas Paley – my work –  were heavily dependent upon The ”Picture Letter”/”Bildstävan” as a construction formula.

Everything expand out of ”The Pictureletter”, influenced by it´s expression.

The Interior Movment

the HUBE