presentation of three art works

titel: VIGIL

titel: The Devine Motherhood

titel FATHER

I portray the death and the burial of Queen Elizabeth – the burial of an era – through Beatrice GRIEF.

I had intended a well-worked – slow-art painting as the first choice, but then this happened – the queen died and we all got to follow the whole funeral in a very personal, close, vulnerable way!

I saw and felt the personal family grief. And I kind of got “struck” by a special person… her grief went right through the window into my studio – it was Beatrice – when she stood in VIGIL. It touched me deeply that they were standing there for public viewing… with their claws – watched by prying eyes – but especially Beatrice – it was heartbreaking!

I portray everything, the whole event – the death and the burial of Queen Elisabeth – the burial of an era – through Beatrice. She is surrounded by people, behind is the Queen’s coffin… but Beatrice is all alone in her grief… as we all intend to be when we grief.

film description of the art work

film: 2.27 min

mixed techniques – charcoal on paper – then digitally further developed into a montage


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The Devine Mother – I admire mothers – I admire the amazing love they are able to share – it’s an incredible, amazing almost divine power – transformed into something otherworldly. – in this work I want to highlight this form of love – concern – the ability to perspective and the ability to appreciate the differences, the way a mother loves all her children, despite completely different characteristics. Therefore, I have placed two representatives from the animal kingdom – who are opposites of each other in her lap… she loves and cares for them both. In this work I celebrate divine motherhood – I see it as something for all of us to reflect on – to perhaps, at best, be inspired by! I’m not a mother myself – have opted out of having children since I was 15 – because I knew I wouldn’t be able to devote myself to my creative work the way I want, but I admire mothers… I love their existence.

film description of the art work

film: 1.36 min september 2022

This art work is still in progress – I Made the mask at Maud Adams – who I chose as a way to give face to the work .

I periodically work on the site and calculate one more year.

mixed technology – steel wire – steel mesh – papier mache – plaster – and other holding parts

like next step in the process



I started this work in 2000 and I will finish it this summer 2022

This work is about my father, and probably about the fathers of many others.
  Dad who lived a kind of double life… at home he was “in charge”, taught us, 5 girls, the importance of high morals, not to lie, to be honest in everything-always, to stand for who you are.
He himself did the opposite – he manipulated, lied, divided. He lived a double life. When this was discovered in our teenage years, it took on a catastrophic meaning for all of us. Something in us broke… the whole family broke.
  Time passed… the family dissolves, everyone goes their separate ways and wounds seem to heal. But it seems some wounds never heal. In 2000 – my father was still alive – I asked him to model.
In “FATHER” – I do for father, what he never did himself. I reflect truthfully, without defense about what “I did” and I ask for forgiveness.
… to heal the betrayed trust … and to transform the trauma from wounds into lessons about the human difficulty of being perfect.

media: oil on canvas 150 x 285 cm