Biennale – 2012

”Begegnung Mit Pirosmani”

PIROSMANI biographi

”Begegnung Mit Pirosmani”, is the name of an International Biennale that take place once every second year at the National Museum of Tbilisi, in Georgia.

Georgias National Artist

the National Museum of Tbilisi

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Spiritual portraiture of Antoni Tapiés


Spanish painter Antoni Tapiés, 1923–2012 

Fundació Antoni Tàpies

Barcelona’s best museums – Art & Culture

Antoni Tapies

Trough a friend’s sorrow, I came surprisingly close to the Catalane artist Antoni Tàpies. With to portraits I salute him, his artistry and his life.

Antoni Tàpies died at the age of 88 years on 6 February 2012. He is one of the leading exponents of informality worldwide and considered as one of the most prominent Spanish artists of the twentieth century’

He is also self-taught, which I think adds an extra meaning in this context, as both Pirosmani and I belong to that category of artists.

For certain, as an artist you are affected in a very special way by your fellow artist’s life, stories, dreams, doubts and greatness… and everything you sense and see In their works, brushstrokes, themes and visions.

 Antoni´s favorite music, Wagner’s Parsifal, filled my studio. The result was two paintings:  ”Parsifal Der Dritte Akt” and ”Begegnung Mit Antoni Tàpies”. I did participate with these paintings at the international exhibition: ”Begegnung Mit Pirosmani” 2012, Georgien.


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Interview with Boris Kohlbecker

Participants from Sweden besides meMeta Isaeus Berlin and painter Martin Wickström

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Matthias, Susi, Gocha, August 2008
Matthias, Susi, Gocha, August 2008

Matthias Unger, German, Susanne Rotschke, German, Gocha Gulelauri, Georgien