The Portrait-Project

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… I never could have imagined that this work would extend between 2016 – 2020 … but it has. It has come through many meetings, many charcoal sketches during our talks … I have not only traveled around Bengt’s planet, it feels like I landed there and sometimes strolled on beautiful beaches, sometimes got lost in dark forests and sometimes we laughed for years absolutely unique fun hauntings from Bengt’s long life.

The portrait has undergone major changes in the meantime … there are probably 10 different expressions before it ended with this last image. it started with seeing Bengt with both torso, cane and hat, but it could not … this became the true experience of my meeting with Bengt. Bengt Olson is specially famous in France, and in the middle of the portrait process he was reworded with a very fine price from France, it was a really great day:

size: 200 cm x 150 cm
size:178 47/64 in x 59 1/16 in


Lennart LarssonKrokslätts Fabriker

photo zeppa – 200?

Lennart has had an incredible, amazing significance for my work… many years!

Sverker Toreskog

Sverker speaks about his career


2014-03-18 10.36.17
… so very special! Never before met a person with that kind of love for life and other beings!

”I did it my way”

(sverker toreskog you tub)

sverkers skor

 (sverker toreskog tandläkare_ the best_dr sverker toreskog_the sweetest_

the singing_sverker toreskog avliden_peacefully_sverker toreskog death)

Octopussy Trailer

actress Maud Adams

modell maud adams


2012, meeting with beautiful and sweet Maud,  in Stockholm and making a plaster cast of her face.

2015-2018, slowly appearing in wire, plaster and papier-mâché!

link: svenska bondbrudar

(beautyful_maud adams bond movies_swedish, gracefull_james bond maud adams_living in Los Angeles_man with the golden gun maud adams_from Luleå_maud adams bond movies_and a very nice person)

Bibbi Häggström

link: Bibbi 1962 – 2015

one of my dear sisters, who sadley left us this summer, 2015

Alex Andersson… my cosmic godson

Alex … if it were possible to have one´s origin from the sun, I think that’s where Alex is from! … my brilliant cosmic godson!


Josefine West

daughter of my cousin

Hyper-intelligent and in the fairy tale world… Josephine, still in her chrysalis! It will be exciting to enter her realm!  So very talented, every day drawn to her desk after school to produce sketch after sketch. Wants to become an actor. I know that she will become something special whatever she chooses to develop.


Carmen Olsson

Carmen Olsson web page

Carmen, choreographer and dancer, hyper-sensitive and unique … and a friend since a long time!


 Portraits outside the Project

 Mona and Gösta 2014…  and Mona impresses- in her youth she worked for the newspaper 

magnate Hearst. She is one of the few who photographed Greta Garbo!

Mona, acrylic on canvas, 70cmx100cm


Gösta: (Mona´s husband) acrylic on canvas, 70cmx100cm


Ingalill, 2009




Karin Bromander

two portraits – 10 years apart

Karin 1944 – 1999

our first sketch meeting 1989

Karin summer 1989

Karin… so exited at the prospect of planning her husband Mangnus´s surprise visit to my studio

 one his 50th birthday.  She picked him up

 at the airport, blindfolded him in the the cab and led him all the way, to right in front of

the finished, not yet dried, painting.

 I think it was one of Magnus´s best birhtday surprises!

 Karin was like a soft summer breeze at our meetings that summer, and the

painting bears the stamp of her state.

KARIN.and Zeppa.89
zeppa in front of the first portrait of Karin, 1989, exhibited at a Picasso exhibition at Gallery Art Now in Gothenburg, Sweden. To the right, the sketch  from our  first meeting in my studio.


Karin autumn 1998

Karin… such a beautiful person and a very close friend though we didn’t hang out together… but

when Karin had the most difficult time of her life, she reached out to me, and it was right to do so…

I’m so grateful for that! In 1999, in the late stage of her illness, she asked me once more if I could

make a sketch or something of her. Two weeks after that request she left her earthly body. I started

to her portrait, determined to give her a window through which she could reach her beloved

husband and son.


”I Did Not Die”
Acrylic on canvas 6’6” x 4’5”, 100cmx200cm

  on 21 October 2009, Karin´s husband Magnus Bromander writes:

“min hustru Karin dog för mer än 10 år sedan, och har väl sa småningom börjat förblekna i mina minnen och tankar, men hon finns kvar i hemmet genom två märkliga målningar av Zeppa (Pia Häggström)

Målningarna är skilda åt genom 10 år av Karins liv. Det tidigare porträttet, eller snarare personskildringen, är fyllt av glädje, sprakande av liv och förväntningar. Det senare, målat endast månader före Karins bortgång, präglas av värdigt vemod och – trots allt – av förväntningar.

I båda målningarna är Karin underbart vacker – som hon var i livet – och hon speglar intensivt sina olika livssituationer. Zeppa låter oss på något märkligt sätt läsa hennes tankar.


Mangnus Bromander