It stun a little

Travel – thinking, planning and thinking!

To be in life, to be on earth – to live your life and to fill it with what you desire most – surely it is both terrible, beautiful! and exciting!? As much as there is

I’m crying… it just goes on and on!

conspiracy theories?

I have sadness – has our world ever been as insecure as it is now?

…I will build a bright room – full of love!

What is art?

ART is to reflect on anything that touches – it is to wonder – it is to think – it is to see things in a way that does not belong to the ordinary. It is looking into both truths and untruths… it is an adventure that unfolds from one minute to the next. It’s something that “ordinary” people don’t have the time or energy to get into – that’s why we artists exist – we’re many and we’re different!

Sometimes we look into light – sometimes into dreams sometimes into darkness – sometimes it’s inside ourselves and sometimes it’s outside ourselves


Think how easy it is to call things you don’t like conspiracy theories – or as someone in personal circles – called something the person wanted to deny – a fabrication – that’s gaslighting!

link to three youtube clips in one, a few weeks ago post: in a new tab)

I am for some reason very touched by the disaster in hawaii – maybe because there has been too much weirdness during the disaster and after – it is absolutely terrifying… it feels like an entity core of recklessness lies like a poisonous mold.

Hope the light forces move in and take over – because it’s a nail in the coffin for all of us if the residents can’t get back to the land they lived on, it’s a really scary sign of what forces are taking over in the ‘plain sight” so to speak

conspiracy theories?

I saw, about the time Obama was president – how Walmarts closed

MANY, ALL OVER, like 30 – al least – superbig Walmart´s  transformed to concentrate camps… everyone who worked there suddenly became unemployed… I saw it, the employees did speak to the camera.

he employees did not understand anything – and then I saw the Walmart´s completely transformed – EMPTY – with high fences, cage-like divisions – I really saw it – there were guards around. The YouTube clips that I saw were made  by a young guy who went around filming.

NOW, about 8 years later… I’m chocked – This clip made me remember what I saw – had forgot… because there are so much happening in life. 
Watch, listen to this video!


The immigration appears to have been pre-planned!

 I just know that you don’t know much about people – that there are different kinds and that there is evil… I know that evil exists!

At the same time as I saw Walmar’s closing, I saw young people who were out filming, and googling information on what they saw being imported – A large amount of like 30,000 throat suction machines from one country and from a completely different country, 30,000 scissors came. .. I saw and heard… I remember that now! We’ll see if there will be any equivalent to Walmat’s development on that.

REBIRTH – part one

  I kind of died

after the hell-marriage

“Barbara” – recurring drawings between 2002-2006

 In the last phase of terror

I was by post getting cut pieces off my paintings. It was extra heavy the day a package fell in containing a doll with dried out eyes, severed hands – what do you do with such things –  I went to a priest, and asked if he could take care of it, just in case that something happened. It took 4 years to restore life, desire and happiness.

I became a kind of warrior – digital work mixed with sculpture

the impact it all had on my work

MY art – my visual world completely disappeared – somehow I eventually got everything out of the apartment I lived in – all the black, all the whips, skeletons, barbed wire and other things – I don’t remember how , but somehow it happened.

Thanks to my father, I had this apartment to both live and work in – as everything was gone, both work and clothes, I would find a new form to exist. I found a pair of military pants and a black leather jacket in a basement (can’t remember which one) – bought a pair of rough hiking shoes – and that became my outfit for 3 years – summer, autumn, winter and spring. It was tough – I love clothes, playing with the outside, make-up, poofing and puffing – but I put all that on the shelf – I became a kind of warrior. I got help in getting a little friend – a Yorkshire terrier – named Ida – She was probably sent from heaven, I actually think so… she opened the window to life & play again

In order to survive, I started teaching – art – at the community school.

self portrait :  mixed media – a window right into my being for the moment – Cardboard glued to wood – chalk, charcoal, collage – 100 x 130 cm

For a couple of years it was just lines all over the walls, lines and more lines… I realized I was trying to understand the air around me – very primitive – very intuitive – extremely serious – I was struggling to regain my understanding of my existence.


A completely magical vibrating night, I gave birth to a visual language – I call this my image-letters!

These images are like molecules in my paintings … my paintings are based in structure on various combinations of these – it is a kind of DNA code that has become visible.


I was asked to make an interior design and one of the picture-letters developed and became the center of the entire interior design work – it’s a bit fun to show it here in this context

 The Core 

This became the core of my work – art and interior design at Evas Paley – 1991 – avenue/Gothenburg of my work 


And the picture-letter continued – it became a collection that I call the Linné group – all with, just for this picture designed frame gold leaf – with logo.

Think – what a creative night can bring!

You never know when it is the last time you see your friend…


film 2.18 min

work in progress


I miss my mother – she had a true mother’s heart – loved all five of her children equally!


Why are clothes fascinating?

Sometimes you kind of get hit by a wild urge to play – to get so superficial! 

And it seems that for the moment you can forget about flaws and tough reality!

It can be so much fun!

I like the kind of “nature-catwalk” – when you look at the people on the streets!

What are people Wearing in New York – 2023 Casual Summer

Al kind of people – al kind of bodies – al kind of outfits!

art_detail: PARADIS

this is a must see!

So incredible strange – beautiful and funny!

Fall – Winter 2023-2024

cinderella dreams

“vad är en kväll på slottet” – “what is an evening at the castle”  

If only that wallet was more well loaded!

art_detail: PARADIS

Millesgården 26 augusti 2023



So, what a fantastic day we had – the last wonderful summer days – and then this fantastic Millesgården. How could I never have been there?? It was my first time and I was amazed at all the beauty, care and work that went into the farm to preserve it for everyone. They also have a great lunch restaurant, lovely view where we took a break… yummy, what a day! The art gallery was very nice, where the exhibition +++  was taking place. In the film clip below, you can glimpse some of the impressions.


film 2.37                            

Tolerance – respect – kindness

Why do we have such a hard time accepting differences – I wonder – do we want everyone to be the same shape? How do we get our brains to choose wonder instead of judgement?


So longing – today for my painting “Lolita Express”!

Maybe – when I finish ongoing projects – that I go and recreate Lolita – in all the forms she became on one and the same canvas… but many canvases as figures.

Lost Virgin

Lost Virgin: oil on canvas – approx: 140x 100 cm 1980

Isn’t it the case that there is a lost innocence/virgin in each of us – painful sadness – something significant given that was not recognized – everyone is right in their interpretation of Lost Virgin.

Once I tried to buy back – Lost Virgin – but lo and behold it didn’t work!

Unfortunately, there are many “lost Paintings” from this time zoon – but here are some who made it, a selection!

self learning – how to and how to noT!

I chose in this school of my own to still depict events, feelings and thoughts – it became a type of surrealism – as I see it this way in retrospect.

talking: oil on canvas approx:135×100 cm 1980

Two friends who were very important to me, growing up – Soile-best friend/for a while – George, reading the paper, my first great love!



I was very focused on what the truth really is about reality alert to leakage – perceived some kind of spiritual help – to see – while not really knowing a bit about the origin of that help.

I moved away from home shortly after I turned 17 – not because I was ready for it, but because I couldn’t stand the facade of a family that no longer existed.

The world, us – social structures, people, nature – earthly existence scared me so extremely – and actually still does!

oil on canvas, 200×100 cm 1981

like Leonardo da Vinci

The unique fame that Leonardo enjoyed in his lifetime and that, filtered by historical criticism, has remained undimmed to the present day rests largely on his unlimited desire for knowledge, which guided all his thinking and behaviour. An artist by disposition and endowment, he considered his eyes to be his main avenue to knowledge; to Leonardo, sight was man’s highest sense because it alone conveyed the facts of experience immediately, correctly, and with certainty. Hence, every phenomenon perceived became an object of knowledge, and saper vedere (“knowing how to see”) became the great theme of his studies. He applied his creativity to every realm in which graphic representation is used: he was a painter, sculptor, architect, and engineer. But he went even beyond that. He used his superb intellect, unusual powers of observation, and mastery of the art of drawing to study nature itself, a line of inquiry that allowed his dual pursuits of art and science to flouris

When the plague ravaged Europe, when the witch hysteria was boiling in Europe, then Leonardo da Vinci went out and reflected, interpreted and sketched. That’s what I do, but in an updated way. My youtube posts are exactly the same as his sketching. It’s an artistic process – after a while, something – I don’t know what – will come out of it!

I reflect on my surroundings – I just have to!

I don’t think the presentation we generally get of reality matches what reality is!

And I think the word conspiracy theories is used way too much, it gets thrown out as soon as something describes something that the mainstream hasn’t embraced – is the mainstream god?

We must question, we must wonder… otherwise we are a bunch of sheep’s skulls!

About – Maui – and other things

More and more people believe that the fire was started – with some advanced “tool” – it doesn’t match with an ordinary fire – trees remains in the middle of houses that are completely charred.

about the fire – a biologist explains – fire typ microwave

very interesting!

Here a resident man who goes around and registers the land, the houses after the fire.

Young Turk


September – last summer days

Starts up with new energy – will be interesting!

me – 14 yers old

The first day at summer vacation!

Rörvik/Näset – in a turquoise self-made dress – my school exam before graduation – I wanted to be a designer. So ambitious. It was an intensive year of home sewing – advanced long coat – suit overall and a lot of other things. It was like that for a while, a year, but at 15 everything collapsed.

I went in to eliminate my wardrobe – it was a big act – of an unconscious kind, it was on pure primal force, intuition and without me realizing at the time – the beginning of my artistry.

Early drawing. In some way, in retrospect, it seems to be a bit about rebelling, dressing up and playing roles…speaking of the difficulty I went through with my wardrobe!

And when I now look a little closer – heaven – it looks like the front figure, the girl in the hat, in triumph puts her foot on a knocked out individual – has she killed? I actually don’t remember. The picture at first looks like child’s play, but on a closer look there is a terrible drama in the picture.

Difficult time - 6 years of much thinking, much wondering - besides existential musings, I know that even dark, haunted things for me, things I’ve seen, experienced that didn’t belong in “furnished rooms”. Deep revolt against family traditions - things that were boring, without true presence, things that just repeated themselves as an eternal pattern. The parents' marriage began, behind the scenes, to fall apart, and it colored us all.

I had many thoughts about how to be, how to want to be… created ideals!

… many thoughts about human qualities – I was very attentive to how people acted, interacted… I learned a great deal by watching. I spoke very little – some almost never heard my voice, during these years, except absolutely the closest friends.

After these years in a vacuum, I went home to my mother in the countryside – Månstad – where I arranged for my first studio in the basement – I was 21.

I really had a lot to catch up on, in terms of discipline & diet. Forest and magic were outside the house – it provided the nourishment needed to manifest the will.

TRUMP´S Mug Shot

I did a kind of a Banksy.

This jail-photo on Trump has made him more popular than ever before – now he’s “BRO” to the whole black community – wasn’t he racist?

They are trying to put him jail for 700 years

– What !!

Aug 24, 2023 · ATLANTA, Aug 24 (Reuters) – Donald Trump’s mug shot was released on Thursday evening after he was booked at an Atlanta jail on more than a dozen felony charges.

This is Cool AI-work of art!

by Jonas Ivarsson Jonas Ivarsson

professor of informatics

Jonas has served at the board of the University of Gothenburg and as a member of the university’s coordination group for digitalisation and artificial intelligence.

WE have just initiated a joint work, a project – In The Glow Of A Dragon – is going to be so exciting!

A third person was wanted and planned, but he chose not to be there – sad –

so right now it’s Jonas and I… it’s going to be so exciting to see how it develops!

film 2.07 min

Vernissage in Stockholm

GSA GALLERY – Martin Wickström – art – Vernissage

I wish I could film more – funnier – deeper – but I put a brake on myself out of respect for the other guests… so therefore it’s a bit tight description of Martin´s beautiful paintings.

But it’s still something

I interpret Marin’s paintings as an expression of memories – safe memories – which perhaps also hide a few things – facades – Probably it is up to the viewer – to remember. I haven’t spoken to Martin about my reflections … so I don’t know if it matches his intentions.

film 3.11 min



We were there today – I felt how his brain was moving – how funny – how excited he was/is when the ideas are bubbling – you kind of start playing in his room!

greate fun

more to come about the visit!

A genius mind

Lovely day

My mission is completed

Purple Prince


He is DeaD

My sin

(So funny, the picture above: it’s night – Diana’s mother hears something in the kitchen she goes to see what – she has yet to meet the Phantom, until just this moment)

My sin – that I never stopped playing – that I choose curiosity instead of safety!

ANYWAY… there is a kind of spirit in my kitchen... and it makes me fel happy!

It is so scary


immediate recognition

sorry – I don’t remember the name of the creator of the sculpture

This week

Between a lot of things this week, this became – charcoal chalk – a friend’s beloved cat.

There is something wonderful about drawing with charcoal – as being playful.



Martin Wickström

On the 23rd I’m going to Stockholm – staying there for a few days – going to see Martin Wickström’s fantastic work of art! It will be so interesting and exciting – you can’t compare a photo of art to seeing it in real life. I am looking forward to the stay in beautiful Stockholm!

We participate in Biennale ‘Begegnung Mit Pirosmani” – together in 2012 – also with swedish artist Meta Isaeusberlin – at National Museum of Tbilisi, in Georgia.

I found this interesting presentation, 4 years old, but it’s like yesterday.

I will see Martin’s art in the company of a family member – Oliver Cederquist –– who is a fantastic cartoonist and also a sighted person – who deeply appreciates looking at other people’s work – it will be great fun!

The “Tell all”

I was married

I have told it to few!

I thought he was “Robbin Hod” – but he wasn’t.

He was a killer.

I was married – for three months – to a, in Europe – blacklisted “warrior” (there is another name for such). It was bad years both before and after that short marriage.

I have lived with a man who checked for bombs every time he moved – anywhere – under the car – in the home – on the street.

In short – I had to flee to survive – my whole family had to go to a hiding place – security at the highest level was engaged – to avoid unwanted algorithms – There is much to tell, but this is enough – just to grasp the artistic expression during these years. As this man destroys, shreds much of my work there is not much to see of it.

Regarding my workMy colors disappeared

I usually repress this chapter in my life – regarding my work – that period is actually an important part, it has influenced my movement strongly and deeply, it has left a mark on my artistic expression.

Lolita Express – 2018 – 2.40 x 1.40 – oil on canvas (since painted over) I realized a couple of days after this post, the track from the time – 1982 – to kind of present 2018.

Around this life situation – my colors disappeared – I could only paint in black – I went to old barns in the country, where I found very old leather objects – such as saddles, whips, military jackets – animal skeletons, many skeletons – yes everything possible – My wardrobe was empty of clothes but full of thorn, old military whips and skeletons – I collected!

I worked with the collected material – on boards – using nails and glow.

Between the time I was 26-29 years old.

Trapped Warrior – material: paper mache. hemp cord – horse hair – paper glued to masonite – nail – acrylic

Trapped Warrior

How it came about

Trapped Warrior is one of those that has disappeared This object has a very special creation history – magical genesis – I was enchanted!

The Gothenburg Museum’s ethnographic collections and the Gothenburg Ethnographic Museum were in Ostindiska huset until 1993. Now the ethnographic collections are located in Världskulturmuseets at  Korsvägen, since December 2004.

1973-95 Kjell Zetterström, acting Director

Gothenburg – 1981/82 -such an ordinary day, gray clouds and rain. I was determined to get myself a study of “that shrunken head” which I knew was in the Ethnographic Museum. It turned out that Museum was closed – so disappointed – knocked on impulse, and was both happy and surprised when the big gate opened – there was a man who told me: The museum is closed for renovation. I expressed my disappointment, said that I wanted so badly to see that shrunken head that I knew they had… whereupon he introduced himself as the head of the museum – (I understand in retrospect that it must have been Kjell Zetterström) he pondered a bit… and then he said: all the halls are empty, but it just so happens that that particular head is the only one that is left, come in and I will show you. I felt blessed!

Zetterström led the way up to the 2nd floor, opened a tall double door. The room – long high ceiling, completely covered in sand colored protective paper – with an object placed in the middle – a pedestal with a glass dome – and there was the head on a “stick”. It was a spectacular sight. While circling the pedestal with super intense gaze – imprinted the dark figure in the dome (didn’t have a camera). Zetterström began to tell in detail about the two warriors who fought each other in the jungle, how the head-skin of the defeated man was prepared with hot stones. The lips were sewn together so that the killed man would not be able to come back to take revenge.

I went straight home – got out papier-mâché – clamped some steel wire and started to create – it was magical – there in my hands the head grew – the warrior appeared at my house exactly as he looked in the museum – I was completely enchanted. It felt like I redeemed him by seeing him – he became free, while I shared his dark destiny.

The quality of the photo is poor, but I am grateful that it exists. This work has been stolen it may be in France. I wish the object came back to me, so I could choose a place for it myself.

Death Rood

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is gyllkrok.jpeg

Death Road – Materials: leather military jackets – rabbit skull – riding whips – hemp cord. nail – horseshoe filling

glimpse of history

I drew the image of myself – while I was sitting in a cafe with a croissant.

If I could get a moment to myself – I wrote letters that I secretly sent home, all texts somehow coded, so that it was up to the recipient to interpret.

How can a hot desert wind blow into a winter forest?

Alice in Wonderland

film 1.29 min

‘I Think of Demons for You’ [Jonas Ivarsson]

In the project – In The Glow of The Dragon – Jonas presents here part of his work

a glimpse of future stories!

WE AREwe feel – we move in time

we interpret

‘I Think of Demons for You’

film 2.08 min

The So Versatile Professor

Jonas Ivarsson



grandmother – me – mother

film 1.50 min

My Prayer – I will be light


After 20 years of planet absence – someone is screaming – wake up!

“I am sharing my review of “The Sound of Freedom”

Today, I am sharing my review of “The Sound of Freedom,” a powerful and emotionally gripping film that sheds light on the urgent issue of human trafficking, especially the trafficking of minor children.

[Michael Franzese]

WHY I SHARE this man’s speech

is because – as I see it – this is a person

who really knows the dark backyards of our world!

motivational speaker and writer – Michael Franzese

WikipediA Article

Andrew Tate – some kind of Hero/Anti-hero

Who is he really – many men & young guys adore him

the establishment loathes him

So interesting – why have we ended up in a form of the Middle Age!

Why is it God or the Devil – how did evolution come to this? I thought that we were moving forward, to a universal way of thinking – I thought that development would lift us out of “black&white” – that we would stop being stone age people – but we are stone age people – and it seams as if it has become necessary to go back a few 100 years – and I wish I lived at another planet.

That’s how I understand it right now!

he’s probably needed!

I think somehow this particular thing with Andrew Tate is interesting – it’s about masculinity.

There is much, much more at YouTube and in other media – I leave it to viewers to find out more if there is interest. I myself see this as an interesting temperature on all of us – where takes place on stage and what gets left behind – how the groupthink moves.



A collaboration between me and Carmen Olsson – Nature Remains – which just today becomes an poetic interpretation of sadness – when a life is lost.

When someone is not enough in any way – when someone is let down… it is really very sad!

film 2 min

Sinead O`Conner

Dr Phil – 5 years agoSinead O´Connor

I was filled with sadness yesterday when the message arrived – at the same time I deeply understand her choice. 5 years ago I saw this poignant feature below…

planet earth

What a strange place – so gorgeous and in at the same time so horrific!

film 52 sec.

and be

Sound of Freedom

The most important, most watchable film of the moment!


a voice that criticizes those who try to create resistance, saying that the film is based on conspiracy theory!


Tim Ballard – the man portrayed in the film Sound of Freedom – with Candace Owens – one of the best new young socially critical minds in the US right now according to me – she is smart, brave and sharp!

One side of the media says the movie is based on conspiracy theories – it’s not – it’s based on facts. This man is part of it, he has worked for over 12 years tracking down criminals and saving children!

Look, listen – become aware!

Common consciousness helps – it is imagination as a tool!

Tim Ballard



I love such moments!

film 3.30 min

I am the protector of my soul… and it will be art!


The stealing of someone else’s identity and the filling of that shape with evil desire!

the Grooming – the Predator – the Elimination

the short poetic film discription

film 59 sec.

What I met online!

Give it all up

film 1.20

findings at YouTube – 79 – Perth – Australia

I found myself on YouTube… 44 years back in time!

film 2 24 min


1979 – Jag åkte till Paris med endast en 100-lapp i fickan! Jag hade hittat/skapat en mecenat – trodde jag!

Genom min resa till Paris, kan man säga att jag hittade min vilja – eller kanske det var min vilja som hittade hittade mig! Min vilja visade sig för mig och jag blev medveten om en fantastisk kraft inombords. Sen är det ju så att viljan tog mig inte dit jag ville… den tog mig på en helt annan väg. Förmodligen så speglade min vilja en verklighet som jag måste se, för att ta mig vidare.

Viljan är klok, den visar jaget vägen… och vägen är allt annat än rak!

1979 – I went to Paris with only a 100 note in my pocket! I had found/created a patron – I thought!

Through my trip to Paris – 79 – you could say I found my will – or maybe it was my will that found found me! My will appeared to me and I became aware of an amazing power within. THEN it’s the case that the will didn’t take me where I wanted… it took me on a completely different path. Probably my will reflected a reality that I have to face, to move on.

The will is wise, it shows the self the way… and the way is anything but straight!

Jag hade inga finskor så jag fick – av den kvinnan som hade hand om alla “missarna” – dessa skor att bära till balen. Skorna bars av dem när de visade upp sig i baddräkten.

I didn’t have nice shoes, so I was given – by the woman who took care of all the “misses” – these shoes to wear to the ball. The shoes were worn by them when they showed up in the bathing suit.

This event, this trip symbolizes – for me – the freedom to move independently – to have no mental barriers, to possess a strong will – to move without fear in this world even though it looks absolutely impossible!

.To be in one’s core – to live the core – to do the core!


Denna händelse, denna resa symboliserar- för mig – friheten att röra sig självständigt – att inte ha några mentala hinder, att ha en stark vilja – att röra sig utan rädsla i denna värld – trots att det ser helt omöjligt ut!

Att vara i sin kärna – att leva sin kärna – att göra sin kärna!

This is a work that was created after my return – a kind of reflection – on the adventures, the meetings, the energies. I had encountered the will to succeed in myself, but also the reluctance to compromise my values.

titel: Whom am I – oil on canvas –

Yves Corbassière – Wikipedia –

Jag tycker att bilden nedan ger min medresenär lite CULT

I think the picture below gives my fellow traveler some CULT


ung Corbassiere i sin ateljé – besökare och förmodligen modell – Ingrid Bergman

young Corbassiere in his studio – visitor and probably model – Ingrid Bergman

Yves Corbassière, peintre abstrait de l’espace, est mort à 94 ans

JURY MEMBERS – some more – they all belong to another era

My Darlings Theo & Molly

Min systers barnbarn – mina älsklingar Molly och Theo – ett arbete vi gjorde ihop för ett år sedan – här i en liten film beskrivning!

My sister’s grandchildren – my darlings Molly and Theo – a work we did together a year ago – here in a small film description!

film 3.05 min


Nice morning, fruitful exchange of thoughts and views.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is BJORN.TORD_.jpg

I received a very pleasant visit from these two gentlemen, Björn Wetterling and Edward Thordén.

Jonas Ivarsson – A.I. & TRUST


It has acquired a deeper, wider and right into the bone marrow meaning!


2 juni 2023

This is Hello, Computer, a series of interviews carried out in 2023 at a time when artificial intelligence appears to be going everywhere, all at once.

Jonas Ivarsson is a professor of informatics. He started in cognitive science and communication studies before moving to education. In 2013 he became a professor of education, where his research focused on the role of various technologies in developing knowledge and competence. In 2019 he moved to Informatics at the Department of Applied Information Technology at the University of Gothenburg. There, his role is to take the lead on the emerging research on Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence—a specific approach to the interplay between humans and machines in the context of artificial intelligence. Central to this approach are questions relating to how to design AI systems to operate in the context of human users and how to design learning trajectories of humans so that they can intelligently interact with increasingly complex semi-autonomous systems. His strategic leadership background includes serving as deputy head of department as well as research dean at the faculty of education. He has served at the board of the University of Gothenburg and as a member of the university’s coordination group for digitalisation and artificial intelligence. The government has appointed Ivarsson to serve on the advisory Ethics Council of the Swedish Migration Agency. Ivarsson is an experienced project leader and currently operates as principal investigator of the research project ’Professional Trust and Autonomous Systems’ funded by Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation

yesterday & future

Year 2000 – I was here – where were you?

I really don’t understand time – it’s a mystery – what is it, how is it – does it pass, or does it just keep going, coming back and disappearing!?

I understand it biologically and metrically (barely) but I don’t understand it emotionally… Iit feels like everything exists at the same time! That simultaneity does not agree with how we are brought up about time.

Anyway… now it’s summer and wonderful… right now… just be present and enjoy!

film 1.31 min


… it always takes longer than you think!

film 1.25 min

replay – Beatrice – her grief


It was an “art performance” – for real – so strong… almost medieval.

I did portray the death and the burial of Queen Elizabeth an era

through Beatrice.

I kind of got “struck” by her – her grief went right through the window into my studio!

It touched me deeply that they were standing there for public viewing, with their claws – watched by prying eyes – but especially Beatrice. It was heartbreaking and in the same time pure and beautiful!

film 2. 27 min

mixed technique of charcoal sketches that were later digitally assembled – it can become a work for print.

DEVELOPMENT in the moment!

ESSENCE – THE Happy unaware and full of joy on the adventure of life!

film 1.45 min

I celebrate my mother today!

Ulla Barbro – my mother

film 1.58 min

her home

Where ever you are – I love you – and I am so gratefull – You never ever doubted me, no matter what it looked like. And it’s strong, because sometimes it looked really bad!

There is no love greater than a mother’s love… so here, among us humans… that’s what I believe!

The Legacy – repeat

I can never digest this, that I am here… in life, on earth!

film 2.31 min

“Var börjar och slutar jag?”

Samtal: Det mesta kretsar kring individen. Men var slutar jag, och var börjar resten av världen?Läs mer


13:00 – 14:00, TOR. 20 APR.


Det mesta kretsar kring individen. Men var slutar jag, och var börjar resten av världen?

Vid nästippen, doften, i de tankar jag sprider eller i de avtryck jag gör i relationen med andra?

Och vad händer med det uppkopplade jaget, långt där ute i cyberrymden?

Finns det kulturella skillnader i synen på jaget?


Bengt Brülde, professor, praktisk filosofi, Göteborgs universitet;

Torill Kornfeldt, Vetenskapsjournalist och författare;

Jonas Ivarsson, professor i informati, Institutionen för tillämpad IT, Göteborgs universitet


De stora frågorna





Götaplatsen 3, 402 29 Göteborg.

Karta och vägbeskrivning (Google maps) 


an early Zeppa… drawing – I was 19.


I continue to work in my thoughts and in the project. Different images spin, which ones to choose to make it the best. Some new ideas have popped up today… feels exciting!

film 1.35 min

The Bengt Olson portrait

oil on canvas 200×150 cm


film 1.30

January 2023


2019 – a privat studio vernissage

shows film despite poor quality – still a fun memory!

film 1.11 min

Bengt received a prestigious award in 2017 at the French embassy in Stockholm in 2017

link to the documented event: in a new tab)

the exhibition at MUSÉE MAILLOL was a milestone in Bengt’s career

Visiting Röda Sten

Röda Sten Konsthall – Danica Dakić – Museikoll


Sunday walk at Röda Sten

film 1.45 min

art by Ollio 2022


Absolutely amazing experience!

So explosive, playful and filled with humor! And towards the end it doesn’t bode well – unfortunately – but you leave with a really lovely song that goes deep into the heart!

I loved it!


Thank you sweet wonderful Ulla for this evening which became a firework of imaginative song, dance and humor.


13 mars

We had a very creative meeting

a little on the side – a collaboration – it will be skirts

film 1.28 min

believe I´m back!



I pull away a bit… to catch myself… hope it works out.

I will return!

film. 1.32 min

2017 – Málaga & Flamenco

I realy long for such a trip again!

Fuimos así Espanyol

… it’s been 6 years – how fast time flies!

Three of us friends went to Spain to have a few days of. What a wonderful luxury to just enjoy!

Annika and Helene



The Heat Is On!



CARAMBA – check this link!

Flamenco at Casa Patas

O my God… they are good!

So amazed by the power, the presence by thees people! What a super boost for life itself!

 jewellery and other things!

! I just love patterns, specially when different patterns meet, crossing and overlay each other… it is like getting close to a multidimensional  reality… in other words, getting close to the truth!  😉


There are no words for the feeling, the pleasure of being close to the see, the senses of the beach and the water… listening to the waves… love it! I think it is the best of relaxing moments for the soul.

The most wonderful days!


Seriously… so much to say, to think and to share!

Saving the holiday to remember in dark wintertimes, preparing for the hard working life, feeling grateful, humble and happy!

Always in my heart… love you guys… hope for another trip soon!


Jonas Ivarsson i en podd – AI – vad som kan hända i en framtid!

Endadt intro

Endast intro här

God Morning


beyond compare – Lennart


Lennart Larsson… a Hero of mine!

Finished portrait today! – oil on canvas.

Thanks… is not enough! Lennart, you have had the most importance – incomparably – meaning for my work. You are a true art lover, people lover and a true friend!

film 1.50 min – describing a bit of Lennart’s – HUSVÄRDEN AB – now working vision!

Mölndal/Krokslätts Fabriker – Quality Hotel The Weaver

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Friday Night

That thing of being in the present, moving without fear between memories and future… rare moments and so wonderful!

film 1.42 min

Evening Thoughts In Art

the watch-man

film 3.11min (the film quality is poor)

“Her” face was alive and moving – changing and I tried to catch up – I couldn’t. It was color for 35.000 kr, that ended up in the garbage!

I love these paintings… they feel iconic to me.

… but I destroyed them!

Lolita Express

link to more “Lolita Express” works:



I/It turned out to be a dragon that came out of a pool of water.

Being offended is really provocative.

To remember buddhist thinking… it kind of didn’t exist!


I realize I need to practice it – the Buddha thought!

Narcissist Online

film 59 sec


The coolest professor around!

Variations of Self: Imaginaries of Alternative Identities.

I admire Jonas

Because, in addition to being multi-talented, he is also sensitive, humble and fantastic! I hope we get the opportunity to be on the same art scene!

Meet some parts of Jonas… enjoy!



film 59 sec

I opened a window

Predator _ charcoal on paper _ size: 240 x 150 cm

and there was the PREDATOR

To be seen as a prey

… it is kind of horrific!



I went through memories from last year – and this very day was a special day, a road Trip.

the location is: Båstanäs in Töckfors

– the place is filled of silent stories. time was short, there was so much more to film.

It was poignant – jag blev så berörd – to walk there among all the cars, the deeper into the forest, the older and rustier it became. I actually saw wrecks that looked like they were from before WWII.

sketch_film 2.03 min

yesterday – CECILIA – one of my four sisters!

… busy welcoming!

Cecilia has built a kennel – with a lot of passion and love – one of the best borzoi kennels in Sweden… lot of gold doggs! Fantastic breeding.

Her garden,in the middle of Gothenburg… like hidden, kind of unreal… lovely!

… always new things in development.

The cellar where fish overwinter and are then released into the ponds of the wooden farm.

There is a lot to say about everything my sister does … will come back another time!

2015 – my very multi talented sister builds a pond.

Sunday… autumn 2022

TODAY – I so long for inspiration!

Six months ago I was on a Sunday at Röda Sten, and that was inspiring. Feeling and seeing other people’s work, when that work is genuine&true… I just love it!

film 1 min

I am inspired by this picture even though it is my own… I love what I have managed to portray here. Think, some things can only be “read” in pictures… pictures are such an amazing language!

kind of…

Jody Foster_”Contact


MAXIM – the theatre

film 1.31 min

STOCKHOLM – 2022-11-16 19:00

Norén – theater – “that’s how simple love is”… well, it’s not simple! … that’s for sure!

I had an experience… that didn’t exist in my reality… it happened to me anyway! It’s becoming art!

I went to Stockholm, went to the theatre Maxim… actually mainly to understand reality, which I had begun to doubt… would have filmed a lot more, but lost the desire due to internal circumstances. Anyway, it was a valuable experience, to be able to be part of the last performance – in reality… happy that I have seen the much loved theater Maxim, before it was shut down.

Loaded with new insights I went home… it was/is surreal. I’ve fallen out, beyond earth’s gravity!


If anyone wants to add this little film clip to their memories – the end of Maxim – it is now available for download!

Warm Greeting zeppa


night work…


… and this night… no sleep… thinking… deepens… it is so inspiring… new chapter… love it!

Thank You Oliv. for the nice night-chat-company!



Picture story in the making!

In The Glow of a Dragon

A way to deal with fear… wear it!

a project in the making!

With a theme – MEETINGS

To be and meet your surroundings without the body being involved!

for those who are not in a hurry!

– like you do when you meet your surroundings online!

I think you listen with your body much more than you are generally aware of!

…who are you… who are you communicating with?

Who are you? oil on canvas – 150 x 150 cm – 2012

… more on the wall


Something about this… it tastes good… don’t really know what… exiting!

a professor reflecting on the future

unknown artist – no singnatur – I would love give the artist credit for this very genius painting… if any one knows please give me note!

Jonas Ivarsson is a professor of informatics with a background in cognitive science, communication studies, and education. He conducts interdisciplinary research in various technology-intensive settings. His research explores the area of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence—addressing the interplay between humans and machines in the context of artificial intelligence.

Jonas Ivarsson, Principal Investigator of the WASP-HS project Professional Trust and Autonomous Systems reports on a conception of, and experiments with, trust.

Persbrandt by Zeppa


this post is not about Mr Persbrandt – it refers to a phenomenon!

film 59 sec.


THIS HEIR, behind me… this baby -25 years old – how is that possible

… wonder if he’ll pop out when he’s done? 
My hands, or my will is teaching me things my head doesn’t know

… sooo, wondering what will come of this..

film 2.31 min

Art work in the in the final process


I want to highlight our inherited fear. As soon as we leave the safe womb, we are so incredibly vulnerable.

In this work – which has been ongoing, from and to, since 1997 – 2022 – I have portrayed my fear of existing in my earthly body, my earthly destiny. And as I see it, everyone else’s fate as well – because I am not alone in being born into a system where violence and power are one of the most controlling forces. After all, there is a counterforce of light and love, but not everyone is blessed to be in that frequency. Despite the fact that “THE LEGACY” has deep roots in a dark part of me, my personality, the work is portrayed with humor. Because humor is a great tool to deal with difficulties. So this little baby, sitting on one side in a crack of the work  – is even before leaving the womb – armed! This little heir seems to embrace his destiny even as he thinks: shit! On the other side of the work, his father – the comic book hero The Phantom rides his horse, gun at the ready… my childhood comic book hero, whom I chose to portray as the patriarchal role model.

night out_a break in work

WETTERLING GALLERY – Avenyn 35 – opened today – 22 September 22!


work in progress

film 49 sec

WILL – The First Step

work in progress

It’s about the will… the will to grow – to move – to fill one’s given space!

The will to step out of a mold.

film part two 59 sec.

ZEPPA – ZERTIFIED – how to avoid the scams in art!

Today is teming up with talented counterfeiters
one way – my way – of guaranteeing original quality is THROUGH a:


  WHY IS IT IMPORTANT that the person who sings off the board is the same person who painted the painting? 


– that you do not want to be cheated!

… and in addition to paying for a lot more underlying work than just the fact that one purchase!  All crafts are impregnate by variably unseen forces! According to me – it is extremely important what you bring home – for you who do not know, to you’r awareness, an object is just a capsule, a shell filled with just the exact energy that it was made by!


The great thing about buying a work of art is, in my opinion, that you besides the image, do take part of the artist’s invisible presence – you simply purchase an animated object – it cannot get more exclusive than that! That is what you are buying when buying a work of art.


” Zeppa-Zertified ” is:

= an hair collection in a safe deposit boxes from a selected individual who is no longer alive!

… to avoid any “accidents”


– from this hair collection you use a piece of hair each time you sign you’r artwork –  hair must always be in a certain measure, such as 2 cm, unless it does not apply even if it is the right DNA, it is to eliminate cheating alternatives to open the capsule and cut a piece of the hair, to use for other work.


Mount the hair shaft in papie mache (above) and rap the it  in some plastic or evan better tin foil paper, and then put the package in a ”capsule” , and mount it on the artwork. The ”capsule” can for example be made in paipé mache, wood or plaster.


You mount the ”capsule” with suitable glue!

The ”capsule” is encapsulated in a mounted area of the object… and if you ever want to check the authenticity of a painting of me – or perhaps another artist who chooses this method –

you should be able to submit the painting to get an DNA-analysis. With professional help, lift the seal with a scalpel  and do DNA analysis of the hair shaft and comparing it with an analysis… and then, with a witness – of course, restore the capsule.

As for my works – it probably will be accessible on my website.