Málaga and Flamenco

Málaga & holiday!

Fuimos así Espanyol


 … and we loved it!


Some reflections, both realistic and poetic… I don´t really know the differens… to my friends amusement  🙂  Maybe it is an artists never ending dilemma to hovering between the two!

Three of us friends went to Fuengirola to have a few days of. What a wonderful luxury to just enjoy,  just hanging around with best friends… I totally love it!                                                                             It is strange how famliliar Spain feels, despite the cultural difference to Sweden, such as temperament, it´s really the opposite… apart from some hot friends of course 😉

Spain is beautiful!

This, my little not of our trip is a mishmash of various topics… just like life itself!


We were so exited and had been looking so forward to our first flamenco-time.                                   … Jippi, here we GO!

Annika and Helene

… girlpower-ladys in real life!




The Heat Is On!


Hahaaaha… must admit, this was hot – without his awareness – I felt hunted and wanted!            DON´T YOU?

a short version

a longer version



Flamenco at Casa Patas

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The Wall

 Berlin, may 14




… with my dear space relative, daughter from the stars, super greate singer, artist and healer… living in Berlin… soon coming up with a new music video, and I am soo waiting for it!!





It is in the air!







Dark and beautiful… love this deep song by her!

Ode Milk






Hamburger Bahnhof

I really got inspired by the architecture in Berlin, in the way they manage to merge old and modern structures. We went to a kind of suburb… it did´t look really like this… but it felt like it! (below)


Seduce Me


… my beautiful cosmic godson


Alex Andersson


My beautiful cosmic godson … a sun in the shade, a being from another world …

Alex, two weeks ago!


Alex, ”some” years ago …



Alex, playing the piano… some mounths ago!






my dear friend Bengt Olson exhibit!


in Båstad



… exhibit  Bengt Olson this summer!





 A lovely little village on the coast, one of the most attractive holiday resorts in Sweden!


Happy Birthday…


Father, 90 years some days agao!


  • life has been complicated!

…  father, with one of the twin sisters in the lap…… life has been complicated, sometimes beautiful, marvelous and great… but sometimes also hard, cruel and boring!

It is such a special group, the family that you are born in to. Who they are… really, I mean in the deepest since!

… the one that says ‘’aj’’ it´s me!  … and the one that pinching me is my beautiful sister who died a year ago.  I hope she has found these lovely groan meadows which seems to be in a different reality!





One of my fantasies

… a small cut out of the vision!



My god… it is so healthy, funny and exiting to build something… anything!

About every morning I sit at the computer about 5.00, or even earlier in the morning, and fantasizing in photo shop … I am BUILDING … right now my imagination is located at New Zealand … with an amazing sea view!

My project ”sketching a building” began in the summer 2015,  first as a museum and has later on continued to be a more private  culture place… in any case. … this is from an early stage, when it was still a museum … a small, small cut out of the picture!

I will show more… later when the sketching project has developed more.

To Do The Walk



1973, from the time when I fantasized big paintings, through small sketches.

TO find the bright way, to find the path that leads to greater awareness!


TO balance on the line, the thin thread that ranges through life and time, through all the storms, all unexpected living space without losing balance … anyways without falling, it has always been a stunning reality for me… from my time as a kid right up to this day!

I see that we as well as float like balloons after ourselves, our consciousness is not integrated with our physical existence. No wonder it’s perplexing to ’’do the walk’’ through life!