The “Tell all”

I was married

I have told it to few!

I thought he was “Robbin Hod” – but he wasn’t.

He was a killer.

I was married – for three months – to a, in Europe – blacklisted “warrior” (there is another name for such). It was bad years both before and after that short marriage.

I have lived with a man who checked for bombs every time he moved – anywhere – under the car – in the home – on the street.

In short – I had to flee to survive – my whole family had to go to a hiding place – security at the highest level was engaged – to avoid unwanted algorithms – There is much to tell, but this is enough – just to grasp the artistic expression during these years. As this man destroys, shreds much of my work there is not much to see of it.

Regarding my workMy colors disappeared

I usually repress this chapter in my life – regarding my work – that period is actually an important part, it has influenced my movement strongly and deeply, it has left a mark on my artistic expression.

Lolita Express – 2018 – 2.40 x 1.40 – oil on canvas (since painted over) I realized a couple of days after this post, the track from the time – 1982 – to kind of present 2018.

Around this life situation – my colors disappeared – I could only paint in black – I went to old barns in the country, where I found very old leather objects – such as saddles, whips, military jackets – animal skeletons, many skeletons – yes everything possible – My wardrobe was empty of clothes but full of thorn, old military whips and skeletons – I collected!

I worked with the collected material – on boards – using nails and glow.

Between the time I was 26-29 years old.

Trapped Warrior – material: paper mache. hemp cord – horse hair – paper glued to masonite – nail – acrylic

Trapped Warrior

How it came about

Trapped Warrior is one of those that has disappeared This object has a very special creation history – magical genesis – I was enchanted!

The Gothenburg Museum’s ethnographic collections and the Gothenburg Ethnographic Museum were in Ostindiska huset until 1993. Now the ethnographic collections are located in Världskulturmuseets at  Korsvägen, since December 2004.

1973-95 Kjell Zetterström, acting Director

Gothenburg – 1981/82 -such an ordinary day, gray clouds and rain. I was determined to get myself a study of “that shrunken head” which I knew was in the Ethnographic Museum. It turned out that Museum was closed – so disappointed – knocked on impulse, and was both happy and surprised when the big gate opened – there was a man who told me: The museum is closed for renovation. I expressed my disappointment, said that I wanted so badly to see that shrunken head that I knew they had… whereupon he introduced himself as the head of the museum – (I understand in retrospect that it must have been Kjell Zetterström) he pondered a bit… and then he said: all the halls are empty, but it just so happens that that particular head is the only one that is left, come in and I will show you. I felt blessed!

Zetterström led the way up to the 2nd floor, opened a tall double door. The room – long high ceiling, completely covered in sand colored protective paper – with an object placed in the middle – a pedestal with a glass dome – and there was the head on a “stick”. It was a spectacular sight. While circling the pedestal with super intense gaze – imprinted the dark figure in the dome (didn’t have a camera). Zetterström began to tell in detail about the two warriors who fought each other in the jungle, how the head-skin of the defeated man was prepared with hot stones. The lips were sewn together so that the killed man would not be able to come back to take revenge.

I went straight home – got out papier-mâché – clamped some steel wire and started to create – it was magical – there in my hands the head grew – the warrior appeared at my house exactly as he looked in the museum – I was completely enchanted. It felt like I redeemed him by seeing him – he became free, while I shared his dark destiny.

The quality of the photo is poor, but I am grateful that it exists. This work has been stolen it may be in France. I wish the object came back to me, so I could choose a place for it myself.

Death Rood

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Death Road – Materials: leather military jackets – rabbit skull – riding whips – hemp cord. nail – horseshoe filling

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