conspiracy theories?

I have sadness – has our world ever been as insecure as it is now?

…I will build a bright room – full of love!

Sorry – this is not a funny post!


Think how easy it is to call things you don’t like conspiracy theories – or as someone in personal circles – called something the person wanted to deny – a fabrication – that’s gaslighting!

link to three youtube clips in one, a few weeks ago post: in a new tab)

I am for some reason very touched by the disaster in hawaii – maybe because there has been too much weirdness during the disaster and after – it is absolutely terrifying… it feels like an entity core of recklessness lies like a poisonous mold.

Hope the light forces move in and take over – because it’s a nail in the coffin for all of us if the residents can’t get back to the land they lived on, it’s a really scary sign of what forces are taking over in the ‘plain sight” so to speak

conspiracy theories?

I saw, about the time Obama was president – how Walmarts closed

MANY, ALL OVER, like 30 – al least – superbig Walmart´s  transformed to concentrate camps… everyone who worked there suddenly became unemployed… I saw it, the employees did speak to the camera.

he employees did not understand anything – and then I saw the Walmart´s completely transformed – EMPTY – with high fences, cage-like divisions – I really saw it – there were guards around. The YouTube clips that I saw were made  by a young guy who went around filming.

NOW, 3 years later… I’m chocked – This clip made me remember what I saw – had forgot… because there are so much happening in life. 
Watch, listen to this video!


The immigration appears to have been pre-planned!

 I just know that you don’t know much about people – that there are different kinds and that there is evil… I know that evil exists!

At the same time as I saw Walmar’s closing, I saw young people who were out filming, and googling information on what they saw being imported – A large amount of like 30,000 throat suction machines from one country and from a completely different country, 30,000 scissors came. .. I saw and heard… I remember that now! We’ll see if there will be any equivalent to Walmat’s development on that.

REBIRTH – part one

  I kind of died

after the hell-marriage

“Barbara” – recurring drawings between 2002-2006

 In the last phase of terror

I was by post getting cut pieces off my paintings. It was extra heavy the day a package fell in containing a doll with dried out eyes, severed hands – what do you do with such things –  I went to a priest, and asked if he could take care of it, just in case that something happened. It took 4 years to restore life, desire and happiness.

I became a kind of warrior – digital work mixed with sculpture

the impact it all had on my work

MY art – my visual world completely disappeared – somehow I eventually got everything out of the apartment I lived in – all the black, all the whips, skeletons, barbed wire and other things – I don’t remember how , but somehow it happened.

Thanks to my father, I had this apartment to both live and work in – as everything was gone, both work and clothes, I would find a new form to exist. I found a pair of military pants and a black leather jacket in a basement (can’t remember which one) – bought a pair of rough hiking shoes – and that became my outfit for 3 years – summer, autumn, winter and spring. It was tough – I love clothes, playing with the outside, make-up, poofing and puffing – but I put all that on the shelf – I became a kind of warrior. I got help in getting a little friend – a Yorkshire terrier – named Ida – She was probably sent from heaven, I actually think so… she opened the window to life & play again

In order to survive, I started teaching – art – at the community school.

self portrait :  mixed media – a window right into my being for the moment – Cardboard glued to wood – chalk, charcoal, collage – 100 x 130 cm

For a couple of years it was just lines all over the walls, lines and more lines… I realized I was trying to understand the air around me – very primitive – very intuitive – extremely serious – I was struggling to regain my understanding of my existence.


A completely magical vibrating night, I gave birth to a visual language – I call this my image-letters!

These images are like molecules in my paintings … my paintings are based in structure on various combinations of these – it is a kind of DNA code that has become visible.


I was asked to make an interior design and one of the picture-letters developed and became the center of the entire interior design work – it’s a bit fun to show it here in this context

 The Core 

This became the core of my work – art and interior design at Evas Paley – 1991 – avenue/Gothenburg of my work 


And the picture-letter continued – it became a collection that I call the Linné group – all with, just for this picture designed frame gold leaf – with logo.

Think – what a creative night can bring!

You never know when it is the last time you see your friend…


film 2.18 min

work in progress


I miss my mother – she had a true mother’s heart – loved all five of her children equally!


Why are clothes fascinating?

Sometimes you kind of get hit by a wild urge to play – to get so superficial! 

And it seems that for the moment you can forget about flaws and tough reality!

It can be so much fun!

I like the kind of “nature-catwalk” – when you look at the people on the streets!

What are people Wearing in New York – 2023 Casual Summer

Al kind of people – al kind of bodies – al kind of outfits!

art_detail: PARADIS

this is a must see!

So incredible strange – beautiful and funny!

Fall – Winter 2023-2024

cinderella dreams

“vad är en kväll på slottet” – “what is an evening at the castle”  

If only that wallet was more well loaded!

art_detail: PARADIS

Millesgården 26 augusti 2023



So, what a fantastic day we had – the last wonderful summer days – and then this fantastic Millesgården. How could I never have been there?? It was my first time and I was amazed at all the beauty, care and work that went into the farm to preserve it for everyone. They also have a great lunch restaurant, lovely view where we took a break… yummy, what a day! The art gallery was very nice, where the exhibition +++  was taking place. In the film clip below, you can glimpse some of the impressions.


film 2.37                            

Tolerance – respect – kindness

Why do we have such a hard time accepting differences – I wonder – do we want everyone to be the same shape? How do we get our brains to choose wonder instead of judgement?


So longing – today for my painting “Lolita Express”!

Maybe – when I finish ongoing projects – that I go and recreate Lolita – in all the forms she became on one and the same canvas… but many canvases as figures.

Lost Virgin

Lost Virgin: oil on canvas – approx: 140x 100 cm 1980

Isn’t it the case that there is a lost innocence/virgin in each of us – painful sadness – something significant given that was not recognized – everyone is right in their interpretation of Lost Virgin.

Once I tried to buy back – Lost Virgin – but lo and behold it didn’t work!

Unfortunately, there are many “lost Paintings” from this time zoon – but here are some who made it, a selection!

self learning – how to and how to noT!

I chose in this school of my own to still depict events, feelings and thoughts – it became a type of surrealism – as I see it this way in retrospect.

talking: oil on canvas approx:135×100 cm 1980

Two friends who were very important to me, growing up – Soile-best friend/for a while – George, reading the paper, my first great love!



I was very focused on what the truth really is about reality alert to leakage – perceived some kind of spiritual help – to see – while not really knowing a bit about the origin of that help.

I moved away from home shortly after I turned 17 – not because I was ready for it, but because I couldn’t stand the facade of a family that no longer existed.

The world, us – social structures, people, nature – earthly existence scared me so extremely – and actually still does!

oil on canvas, 200×100 cm 1981

like Leonardo da Vinci

The unique fame that Leonardo enjoyed in his lifetime and that, filtered by historical criticism, has remained undimmed to the present day rests largely on his unlimited desire for knowledge, which guided all his thinking and behaviour. An artist by disposition and endowment, he considered his eyes to be his main avenue to knowledge; to Leonardo, sight was man’s highest sense because it alone conveyed the facts of experience immediately, correctly, and with certainty. Hence, every phenomenon perceived became an object of knowledge, and saper vedere (“knowing how to see”) became the great theme of his studies. He applied his creativity to every realm in which graphic representation is used: he was a painter, sculptor, architect, and engineer. But he went even beyond that. He used his superb intellect, unusual powers of observation, and mastery of the art of drawing to study nature itself, a line of inquiry that allowed his dual pursuits of art and science to flouris

When the plague ravaged Europe, when the witch hysteria was boiling in Europe, then Leonardo da Vinci went out and reflected, interpreted and sketched. That’s what I do, but in an updated way. My youtube posts are exactly the same as his sketching. It’s an artistic process – after a while, something – I don’t know what – will come out of it!

I reflect on my surroundings – I just have to!

I don’t think the presentation we generally get of reality matches what reality is!

And I think the word conspiracy theories is used way too much, it gets thrown out as soon as something describes something that the mainstream hasn’t embraced – is the mainstream god?

We must question, we must wonder… otherwise we are a bunch of sheep’s skulls!

About – Maui – and other things

More and more people believe that the fire was started – with some advanced “tool” – it doesn’t match with an ordinary fire – trees remains in the middle of houses that are completely charred.

about the fire – a biologist explains – fire typ microwave

very interesting!

Here a resident man who goes around and registers the land, the houses after the fire.

Young Turk