I continue to work in my thoughts and in the project. Different images spin, which ones to choose to make it the best. Some new ideas have popped up today… feels exciting!

film 1.35 min

1993 – Sweden’s oldest biker – my Grandpa Kalle

Karl Wasén – birthday April 1:st – but I’m celebrating him today, otherwise you might think it’s an April Fool’s joke!


when he became 89-91 years old he was still riding his bike, both TV and news pappers wanted to talk to him.

film 57 sec

He stopped riding his motorcycle when he was 94 years old

He educated himself according to his interest… and developed so many! He painted, built his house and his boat – Sailed alone across the Kattegat – he knew 9 languages, he became an expert on orchids he filmed and photographed- absolutely wonderful pictures-unusual for that time… and he did much more…

Profession – he was the kind polisman in the street.

It is first long time after his death that I realize that he was something of his own kind!

While cleaning today, in my storage I found this painting of Grandpa Kalle – 1946!

painting and frame… by Kalle… I think it is from 1950. I think it can be seen that he has advanced since 1946.

Visiting Röda Sten

Röda Sten Konsthall – Danica Dakić – Museikoll


Sunday walk at Röda Sten

film 1.45 min

art by Ollio 2022


Absolutely amazing experience!

So explosive, playful and filled with humor! And towards the end it doesn’t bode well – unfortunately – but you leave with a really lovely song that goes deep into the heart!

I loved it!


Thank you sweet wonderful Ulla for this evening which became a firework of imaginative song, dance and humor.


13 mars

We had a very creative meeting

a little on the side – a collaboration – it will be skirts

film 1.28 min

believe I´m back!



I pull away a bit… to catch myself… hope it works out.

I will return!

film. 1.32 min

2017 – Málaga & Flamenco

I realy long for such a trip again!

Fuimos así Espanyol

… it’s been 6 years – how fast time flies!

Three of us friends went to Spain to have a few days of. What a wonderful luxury to just enjoy!

Annika and Helene



The Heat Is On!



CARAMBA – check this link!

Flamenco at Casa Patas

O my God… they are good!

So amazed by the power, the presence by thees people! What a super boost for life itself!

 jewellery and other things!

! I just love patterns, specially when different patterns meet, crossing and overlay each other… it is like getting close to a multidimensional  reality… in other words, getting close to the truth!  😉


There are no words for the feeling, the pleasure of being close to the see, the senses of the beach and the water… listening to the waves… love it! I think it is the best of relaxing moments for the soul.

The most wonderful days!


Seriously… so much to say, to think and to share!

Saving the holiday to remember in dark wintertimes, preparing for the hard working life, feeling grateful, humble and happy!

Always in my heart… love you guys… hope for another trip soon!


Jonas Ivarsson i en podd – AI – vad som kan hända i en framtid!

Endadt intro

Endast intro här

A private studio vernisage – 2017

today I want to celebrate Bengt olson

– for still being on stage, despite poor health and old age – he possesses an amazing quality of always “liking the situation”!

January 2023


shows film despite poor quality – still a fun memory!

film 1.11 min

The bengt portrait

oil on canvas 200×150 cm

the exhibition at MUSÉE MAILLOL was a milestone in Bengt’s career

God Morning