At this place is a part of me living and creating…it is totally wonderful… evan that there is much left to do!

It exist only in my mind, but in my mind it is real!






Per, thank you for taking this photo… such super nice moment!

A collection of summer events, meetings and jobs!

… photo by sister Annika, in a moment of clarity, thank you for the capturing of wonderful light! 


We are here to celebrate a master’s degree of Lisa Darland!

… and her wonderful work!

Hurray-card for Lisa!

 Hurray to Lisa… so lovely, inspireing and great work!! … best of luck to you!



I just love this building, the University of Malmö… it´s a genial kreation! 


taking a dip

… having fun…  hot magical night sky, full of stars!



Lisa and Christoffer… host couple – the birth child, Christoffer who turned 40!

A wonderful little town in the north of Sweden, you feel the culture bounce between the houses … surprisingly beautiful meeting between old and new.

magic house-meeting


… and a very specially celebration!!!

Resturang Månses


… at Resturang Månses, a very nice place, high class!

The transformation-gift!

… Theos birthday gift!

a celebration in the day´s of three…  lovely way to hang around!


Happy Birthday … to  3 years in life!

… and who will she become… it is so fascinating!


visiting dear auntie!

 In the middle of Sweden

… a very pleasant toilet  🙂

coffee time and summer… a very hot summer!!

 summer kreations

… lovely materials, pure silk and linen, soft and like poetry!


Hatt-creation this summer… so party like… named: “Happy-Hatt”… or is it Party-Hatt… anyway, it´s a hatt to be happy in!

… just In the beginning of this crazy flower-dream… it is soo incredible funny to make it happen! Like there is nothing to worry about!! … play… very important…


Thinking, planning… selecting!

This is where I live here on earth in my inner world, built of rusty smaller pieces, wooden sofas and other little things from the city’s details that I find on walks. Clothing: zeppa design and sewing. Own portrait photo, with a small appliance, apple “flic” … superb!



…I can find the way to mig place here on earth…easily , but how to build it so I can invite my friends to go there?





“zeppa-talk”… telling my so loving little audience the long story about the portrait-work of Bengt

My studio, 16 people… one evening!

Thank You!

Yvonne,Thank You… guest and helper… couldn’t make without her!

photo. Heidi Broström, processed by zeppa
photo. Heidi Broström, processed by zeppa

Photo Heidi Broström processed by zeppa


Ouch, Ouch, and Ouch!!!

Dammit!! … a slip and flip how fast it went!


 Meetings and connections with friends!



space-doughter… big day to day, , big girl… Hurray to you with much love, space-mama

http://ode milk / Free Listening on SoundCloud


Carmen Olsson,  awarded The Gothenburg Dance prize 2019.





The Sleeping Artist, why… ?… you have to ask her!




… and a fantastic midsummer-meeting!





… helping me to cut the Art-Event-film… he is the one that made the film! 



… the student!



… the “surprising” brain! 🙂



… the “flamenco” brain   😉




.. the “flamenco”woman!

What a wonderful day it was… springtime, just before trees and flowers explodes in vitality… it is the absolut best time in Sweden, it is an transformation in both people and nature!





Christina Roos and Golnas

Christina – artist and potter brought a friend, the beauty-artist Golnas… a renewed friendship and a new friend    … like afterwork… very nice meeting!https://www.christinaroos.com/

photo Christina Roos, processed by zeppa


I end this summer-blog with the start of the summer!

Darling-guests visiting my studio… creating these masterpieces!

… absolute complexity of being



foto by Lisa, mother of the children

Molly and Theo, 4 years old, , immediately when they entered my studio, very spontansly  recognizing them selfes in “Paradise” . They just had promise S:t Claus to stop using their teat! … not an easy task!


I have interpreted some friends … their presently siting with themselves in life, type “taro” according to zeppa’s presentation of psyche / human characteristics trough the work “Paradise”. My friends have had to choose a face in the work where they can recognize themselves in the present. It feels exciting! Based on which face they choose, I can according to my own filter read, point out in a poetic way what their inner mirrors show … right in the moment, now in life! Here I show some of them: 

link to “PARADISE”

person: O



close up

person: B


close up

person: O

person: J


close up

person: L


close up



close up

person: A


close up



person: C


close up



person: A


close up

When the work – Paradise – is completed, the person who wishes to be read in such a way by me will be able to order an interpretation! A digital artwork, printed on canvas with themselves as the main character.

Ordering opportunities will be available on two different levels. The most exclusive will be a high-resolution print on canvas, with brush stroke on top.                                                                                                                    … of course I have to meet the person a couple of hours to be able to understand how to explain the choice of face in the board. … exciting and fun for both the person who wants to be interpreted, and me!

I would love to…

… to create this rom atmosphere… to full-fill this idea of a painting.











dig. sketch

Málaga and Flamenco

Málaga & holiday!

Fuimos así Espanyol


 … and we loved it!


Some reflections, both realistic and poetic… I don´t really know the differens… to my friends amusement  🙂  Maybe it is an artists never ending dilemma to hovering between the two!

Three of us friends went to Fuengirola to have a few days of. What a wonderful luxury to just enjoy,  just hanging around with best friends… I totally love it!                                                                             It is strange how famliliar Spain feels, despite the cultural difference to Sweden, such as temperament, it´s really the opposite… apart from some hot friends of course 😉

Spain is beautiful!

This, my little not of our trip is a mishmash of various topics… just like life itself!


We were so exited and had been looking so forward to our first flamenco-time.                                   … Jippi, here we GO!

Annika and Helene

… girlpower-ladys in real life!




The Heat Is On!


Hahaaaha… must admit, this was hot – without his awareness – I felt hunted and wanted!            DON´T YOU?

a short version

a longer version



Flamenco at Casa Patas

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The Wall

 Berlin, may 14




… with my dear space relative, daughter from the stars, super greate singer, artist and healer… living in Berlin… soon coming up with a new music video, and I am soo waiting for it!!





It is in the air!







Dark and beautiful… love this deep song by her!

Ode Milk






Hamburger Bahnhof

I really got inspired by the architecture in Berlin, in the way they manage to merge old and modern structures. We went to a kind of suburb… it did´t look really like this… but it felt like it! (below)


Seduce Me


… my beautiful cosmic godson


Alex Andersson


My beautiful cosmic godson … a sun in the shade, a being from another world …

Alex, two weeks ago!


Alex, ”some” years ago …



Alex, playing the piano… some mounths ago!






my dear friend Bengt Olson exhibit!


in Båstad



… exhibit  Bengt Olson this summer!





 A lovely little village on the coast, one of the most attractive holiday resorts in Sweden!


Happy Birthday…


Father, 90 years some days agao!


  • life has been complicated!

…  father, with one of the twin sisters in the lap…… life has been complicated, sometimes beautiful, marvelous and great… but sometimes also hard, cruel and boring!

It is such a special group, the family that you are born in to. Who they are… really, I mean in the deepest since!

… the one that says ‘’aj’’ it´s me!  … and the one that pinching me is my beautiful sister who died a year ago.  I hope she has found these lovely groan meadows which seems to be in a different reality!




One of my fantasies

… a small cut out of the vision!



My god… it is so healthy, funny and exiting to build something… anything!

About every morning I sit at the computer about 5.00, or even earlier in the morning, and fantasizing in photo shop … I am BUILDING … right now my imagination is located at New Zealand … with an amazing sea view!

My project ”sketching a building” began in the summer 2015,  first as a museum and has later on continued to be a more private  culture place… in any case. … this is from an early stage, when it was still a museum … a small, small cut out of the picture!

I will show more… later when the sketching project has developed more.