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”I WAS A FREE AGENT… and was able to go the whole way!”

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Eva´s Paley 1990 – 2002

please note

this interior does not exist anymore!





the HUBE
photo Anna Hult

8 picture letters, the hub of the entire interior work, mounted over the bar.

 Gold 24 c, frames specifically designed for these picture letters

Zeppas work are heavily dependent upon The ”Picture Letter”/”Bildstävan”

 as a construction formula…  that goes also for the interrior design 1992 at Evas Paley,

everything expand out of ”The Pictureletter”, influenced by it´s expression.

Gold 24 c, frames specifically designed for these picture letters
photo Anna Hult
photo Anna Hult

close up, Material: cut metal by hand

photo Anna Hult


 Article in Svenska Dagbladet_1992


photo Anna Hult
The bar_ photo Anna Hult


advertisement, full page GP- 1991


1991, opening day of Evas Paley


When I became the owner of Paleys on Avenyn I feldt there was a need for something different, but I wasn´t quite sure of what. Zeppa, one of Sweden´s most marketeble artist today, is a very dear friend of mine. She promised to help me, and so she did, with a vengeance!

And then she went to work. The awnings were turned into Zeppas paintings, she designed new café chairs, wich I had made in france, we brainstormed the idea for my glassed-veranda, of wich the architects after a lot of work have managed to make a proper construction. And she painting my newly-built bar, a fantastic creation (it will arrive on friday)

Yes, it´s enormous. Beautiful, extreme, delicios, definitely unique… with room enough for everybody who would like to savour a Tuborg, or maybe a glass of red, because it has turned out that many of my day guests would like to find a heaven for the evening here as well.

Hence the new profile of Paleys, but the Lucia cake and the chocolate creams are still  served, as always. News is that I will treat you for free to something tasty to eat on Christmas Eve, between 10am and 2pm.

My name is Eva, and I wich you wellcome. Everything is like it use to be, but with a difference!


Zeppa inclueded several paintings to the interior work

One of them… with a slogan for us all!

detaljs in ”What Can I Do For You”, photo Anna Hult

”What Can I Do For You”


Acrylic_triptyk, , montage, 8” mirrow betwen the 3 peces paintings, each 9′ 8”x3’3”

angel. detail.What.Can.I.Do.For.You
detaljs in ”What Can I Do For You”, photo Anna Hult

 The ideá to engage Zeppa 

 … to the design of Eva´s Paley started when the

 Architect Christer Lundberg observed the painted marquess by Zeppa.


 bartable´s and  barchair´s…
photo Anna Hult
… who made Zeppas visions possible!

 ”Christer Lundberg was the man who made it possible … who pushed for me to do

the interior and that made my ideas feasible.

I am eternally grateful for his generosity towards me.”


Bungyjump  collage, pastell, paste. Dedicated to Architect Christer Lundberg.
as a matter of curiosity…

A young Anders Dahlbom, and his brother Jonas Dahlbom, nowadays celebrated Swedish chefs , took part in the creative process by adding exelent quallity to the kitchen!


”…on a light note, Anders and I had a fun meeting on a plate!”

Alf, the bakery car!

Summer 1996: Zeppas last work was painting the bakery car.


photo Anna Hult
photo Anna Hult

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