I am truly in to this painting

It did find it´s way to me, it was not possible to stop… “she” – Lolita – did speak to me first quite then more and more louder! I love to paint when there is such a strong communication between the canvas/painting and my hands – me – it is the best time ever! And I am in the being to change my way to process, to paint…

close up


I think… I can sense, there will some more like an exklusive serie of this “Lolita Express”… it is urgent, the paintings want me to paint them. So… wonder what this summer is about!?

size: 150 cm x 220 cm 59 inches x 86 + inches

I started with this objekt 2019 and I am soon finishing this work soon , 2020! I will just let it rest a couple of weeks and after that it is always healthy for both the painting and me to meet for some days again!

close op