processing fashion

dressing your spirit, your soul & body


… in the making !






… moore … in the making! Hm… should ad music!  😉


… in the making!




Autumn&Winter again… and I just so much wan´t it to feel flowering,  bright, varm and happy!



… the flowers… you just want to merge with it all!


This summer was really super hot! I made myself some airy trousers, and I specially loved to wear this flower-power, be happy-trouser:







What does it express… how does it feel… are you merging with it? 

Oliver-Court-Bouillon, my  beloved god-son

… have been walking Vouge runways in Paris… it takes some nerve to do so, and I´m impressed!

Vogue fashion shows fall – 2017- menswear/junya-watanabe


Vogue fashion show spring – 2018 – menswear/ Boris-Bidjan-Saberi



shoe: ZINDA 

 … SHOES, don’t we just love them!?

WEEKEND visit from Finnland 

… by dear friend Marika… we did shoe-shopping,lunch… and of-course a lot of talk!







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