Jonas Ivarsson – A.I. & TRUST


It has acquired a deeper, wider and right into the bone marrow meaning!


2 juni 2023

This is Hello, Computer, a series of interviews carried out in 2023 at a time when artificial intelligence appears to be going everywhere, all at once.

Jonas Ivarsson is a professor of informatics. He started in cognitive science and communication studies before moving to education. In 2013 he became a professor of education, where his research focused on the role of various technologies in developing knowledge and competence. In 2019 he moved to Informatics at the Department of Applied Information Technology at the University of Gothenburg. There, his role is to take the lead on the emerging research on Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence—a specific approach to the interplay between humans and machines in the context of artificial intelligence. Central to this approach are questions relating to how to design AI systems to operate in the context of human users and how to design learning trajectories of humans so that they can intelligently interact with increasingly complex semi-autonomous systems. His strategic leadership background includes serving as deputy head of department as well as research dean at the faculty of education. He has served at the board of the University of Gothenburg and as a member of the university’s coordination group for digitalisation and artificial intelligence. The government has appointed Ivarsson to serve on the advisory Ethics Council of the Swedish Migration Agency. Ivarsson is an experienced project leader and currently operates as principal investigator of the research project ’Professional Trust and Autonomous Systems’ funded by Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation

yesterday & future

Year 2000 – I was here – where were you?

I really don’t understand time – it’s a mystery – what is it, how is it – does it pass, or does it just keep going, coming back and disappearing!?

I understand it biologically and metrically (barely) but I don’t understand it emotionally… Iit feels like everything exists at the same time! That simultaneity does not agree with how we are brought up about time.

Anyway… now it’s summer and wonderful… right now… just be present and enjoy!

film 1.31 min


… it always takes longer than you think!

film 1.25 min

telling you…

film 50 sec

replay – Beatrice – her grief


It was an “art performance” – for real – so strong… almost medieval.

I did portray the death and the burial of Queen Elizabeth an era

through Beatrice.

I kind of got “struck” by her – her grief went right through the window into my studio!

It touched me deeply that they were standing there for public viewing, with their claws – watched by prying eyes – but especially Beatrice. It was heartbreaking and in the same time pure and beautiful!

film 2. 27 min

mixed technique of charcoal sketches that were later digitally assembled – it can become a work for print.

DEVELOPMENT in the moment!

ESSENCE – THE Happy unaware and full of joy on the adventure of life!

film 1.45 min

I celebrate my mother today!

Ulla Barbro – my mother

film 1.58 min

her home

Where ever you are – I love you – and I am so gratefull – You never ever doubted me, no matter what it looked like. And it’s strong, because sometimes it looked really bad!

There is no love greater than a mother’s love… so here, among us humans… that’s what I believe!


I have seen a series – Exit – it makes me think of a reality – It may be that men need war to find a good inner level. Do they??

…which means that there will always be war!

Work in progress

The Legacy – repeat

I can never digest this, that I am here… in life, on earth!

film 2.31 min

invitations in question

By the end of May I will know if my project gets a public space… so looking forward to that day. Then I hope I can invite two people to the project!