There is a little fabric store – – in Mölndal, where you can always find something special, exclusive and beautiful… this abow fabric was bought there – it is an Armani fabric.

Just in parentheses!

… and I will miss summertime!

profile in the making

profil film

broker Helene Gometz


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I Will survive

You know, that song above, here's a little story:So I was in Paris, shared an apartment with a Swede, model on Vouge, one day one of her partners (she had many) wanted to take us out to dinner. I was sitting in the back seat of his skinny sports car, he was a producer. He inserted a cassette… then he said: - By the way, you have to listen… a black girl came in today and left this demon… listen… of course it sounds good! It was her above, Gloria Gaynor !!

You know, that song above


… just take a break… relax…

time exist & time is an illusion

1993 creating the face – 1995 in the multi making – 2021 – still in the project
… hmm…

in light

up or down

in the presence 0f the light

light is in the process to break up darkness!

I will bring this wonderful feeling to the ones who would like to se it!



today I will celebrate… celebrate that life is increable

it really is!

the limits are self made in our brains!


me… struggling with life, struggling with existens, and yea… everything! The only thing that kept me alive was my goal, was my painting!

The story is long… so I shorten it very much for this moment of celebration by only telling this:

in one months time

I went from totally lost “in the pancake”, with 100 kr in my pocket – to flying Jumbo yet, first class to Perth, Australia – attending an Miss Universe event – as a guest! … and there was no strange attachment to this, there was only me surching for an mecenat. Another time I will tell the long version!

I went home after a couple of mounts with a lot of new inner windows to the world.


I had this man, MR Julio Iglesias to the table… not ones but several times. Ones he started like in a poetic way singing a song with my name… then he asked me how old I was… he thought that I was the youngest – I was not – so the song was not completed! Anyway, he was very nice… and after a while he did find someone to love for the time, the finish ex Miss Universe… she was not so nice towards me in the cab! There was a lot of limousine traveling between different events in 10 days… we were al hanging together. Mr Iglesias, and the friend I was there with were jury members. My god… there is so many unbelievable storys to tell… it really is increable

The Cinderella shoes I got from the person who took care of all the girls, these where the shoes they had to the bathing suits… how political incorrect can you bee… me telling this story!!
But I learned a lot, and that was very correct I can tell!


the only medal i ever got!

until now … as I said, life is unlimited



I had my first exhibition in a flat, private… this painting, below was the first I sold, surprisingly to a famous art collector… I didn’n know who he was – sounds like Megan M. 😉 – but that turned the table so to speak.

This painting was a refection of my experience above… the luxury trip to Pert in Australia 1979.

I did sign my early work like this … Zeppa was born -84, as I ”died” and had to find me in life agan.

The Future of Yours

one day there was big nock on my door

I open, and there was a female – very similar to me – I asked her: Yeah… and you are?

She said: O… I am the better You… You can be my assistent!


Dance Art Video


I am sorry to say, that this film – “100 Years Of Seasons” – was not in time, because of a lot of digital problems… so to late, but as they say: “better late than never”.



below, is the version of the film
“100 Years Of Seasons”
from the site of Bohusläns museum!

There will soon be a renewed version, of this film, here at my site

… just because I’m having an urged to do some more things!

a magic collaboration!

BY the THREE OF US in the body and the fourth in the spirit – Nathalia Edenmont with her large art-photos.

Carmen – Sunniva – Zeppa

Nathalia Edenmont



In the Galleria of BOHUSLÄNS MUSEUM – by Studieförbundet – surrounded of art by

Nathalia Edenmont

fotografi konstnär/photo artist

teaser_100 Years Of Seasons

Click to access beskrivning-1-video-art.pdf

Painting Ozzy!


OZZY himself 😉

FINISHING the painting these days, 2021, februari!
… and it is for sale!

Ozzy – The Painting – has been a company in my studio since 2004 – I´ ve changed some things, it was even

bigger before. Now it is in three pieces instead of five! The Painting was presented at an exhibition at KULTUR

CENTRUM RÖDA STEN 2004, and the painting was also included in an retro-exhibition 2005 at Gallery Art Now.

First this year I have it for sale… as in for real!


“Yea, though I walk trough the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”


For me, this is a very special object/painting… it represents an era, a time when reality shows began… I believe

“The Osbournes” was the first one… wasn’t´t it?

party&birthday – Ozzy behind – 2005

I am the kind of artist, they call a slowart-artist 


I needed it… why, I do not know… I very rarely look at things coming through the tv!

… at that time, when I did my life battle on different issues – Ozzy Osbourne show – was just hilarious,

a wonderful window for laffter,

empathy and presens… so, as a reaction to that very special window I summed up my impressions and

experiences in this painting that I gave the title:

“Yea, though I walk trough the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”

BY offering themselves completely, the family shown a rare courage, and above all, Ozzy in this series – has given a total insight into human life journey!

Ozzy dear!

– between then and now –

The journey we make between young, carefree, angry and boundless – kind of immortal – to age, become

humble, fill the room with humor and self-distance … it was wonderful right then.

I know no one else who showed it so clearly, in such a simple way, so popular and at the same time for real …

it was great!

size: 475 CM X 220 CM / 187″ X approx. 87″


for sale: – SEK 300 000 – EUR 28383.375 – USD 31565.142 – CNY 218421.312

OBS: shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, both practically and financially