ZEPPA – ZERTIFIED – how to avoid the scams in art!

Today is teming up with talented counterfeiters
one way – my way – of guaranteeing original quality is THROUGH a


  WHY IS IT IMPORTANT that the person who sings off the board is the same person who painted the painting? 


– that you do not want to be cheated!

… and in addition to paying for a lot more underlying work than just the fact that one purchase!  All crafts are impregnate by variably unseen forces! According to me – it is extremely important what you bring home – for you who do not know, to you’r awareness, an object is just a capsule, a shell filled with just the exact energy that it was made by!


The great thing about buying a work of art is, in my opinion, that you besides the image, do take part of the artist’s invisible presence – you simply purchase an animated object – it cannot get more exclusive than that! That is what you are buying when buying a work of art.


” Zeppa-Zertified ” is:

= an hair collection in a safe deposit boxes from a selected individual who is no longer alive!

… to avoid any “accidents”


– from this hair collection you use a piece of hair each time you sign you’r artwork –  hair must always be in a certain measure, such as 2 cm, unless it does not apply even if it is the right DNA, it is to eliminate cheating alternatives to open the capsule and cut a piece of the hair, to use for other work.


Mount the hair shaft in papie mache (above) and rap the it  in some plastic or evan better tin foil paper, and then put the package in a ”capsule” , and mount it on the artwork. The ”capsule” can for example be made in paipé mache, wood or plaster.


You mount the ”capsule” with suitable glue!

The ”capsule” is encapsulated in a mounted area of the object… and if you ever want to check the authenticity of a painting of me – or perhaps another artist who chooses this method –

you should be able to submit the painting to get an DNA-analysis. With professional help, lift the seal with a scalpel  and do DNA analysis of the hair shaft and comparing it with an analysis… and then, with a witness – of course, restore the capsule.

As for my works – it probably will be accessible on my website.


Below – samples of a work of art, that is part of a series of paintings that I call  ”Fauteuil-caramels” … and of course, there is the new addition to it, a DNA sealing!

”Fauteuil-caramels ”, 2016 acryl/oil on wood, external dimension: 21”x17”/ 53cmx43cm



It’s about the will… the will to grow – to move – to fill one’s given space!

The will to step out of a mold.

film_59 sec

Upcoming LOGO-language

So lucky to have connected with an inner form

raw sketches

my new logo-language!

For the art loving decorator

is complete – A stand-alone – but it also works expressively to combine several of them

1/ I will process this images digitally.

2/ The images will be printed – with the highest quality on synthetic canvas –

3/ Then hand painted In selected areas with oil paint.

So these works are intended, in such a way that the decorator should be able to combine pieces in the desired color combination, in the desired size and in different directions – horizontally or vertically. There are exciting movements no matter how you choose. I think it adds something extra interesting when the recipient gets the opportunity if desired, to integrate with the work and thus take part in the creation … become co-creative!


New parts are under development!

raw sketches



Based on this film

… I will process some specially selected images digitally. The pictures will be printed

– with the highest quality on synthetic canvas –

then hand painted in selected areas with oil paint.

In the autumn – I hope – that there will be some pieces for sale!


film 3.40 min

UPCOMING art works: MIXED MEDIA = print and painting

raw sketches

TEASER – Nature Remains

Zeppa in collaboration with Carmen Olsson

at the residence: road 45 – Trollhättan’s art gallery

dancer Carmen Olsson:

To complete the art work_The Divine Motherhood

There will be updates on the progress of this work during the summer – this is part one!

film _ 2 min

IT WAS once thought that this person – Maud Adams – the bond woman – would be portrayed. To get to know her face I did plaster casting on her face. Some (long) time disappeared, other things came in between, but now finally this summer the work will be completed.

The meetings were too few, so I took Maud’s face into this sculpture instead. As this sculpture is about The Divine Motherhood… and as I think Maud is a lovely person – really sweet – as beautiful on the inside as on the outside!

I used her face to embodied the Divine mother – the queen of motherhood – a tribute to all mothers.

This mother figure with the ability to love all her children without reservation

… in her lap she has a tiger cub and a lamb!

You never know when it is the last time you see your friend…

Oliver Cederquist – in own costume/design


film_ 2.18 min

spiritual tram – painting

oil on canvas

work in progress


Pernilla Eskilsson

I had errands for the art gallery in Trollhättan – a work by me, ROOTS was part of Nature Remains&resident Carmen Olsson’s progress – inspiration took hold of me and I slipped into the other resident, Pernilla Eskilsson progress – Cloudy Wagon, I was enchanted and a film is ongoing.

This first part of the film is also in progress. the film is based on an observational, engaging and personal experience of Pernilla’s project.

teaser – 1 min