The coolest professor around!

Variations of Self: Imaginaries of Alternative Identities.

I admire Jonas

Because, in addition to being multi-talented, he is also sensitive, humble and fantastic! I hope we get the opportunity to be on the same art scene!

Meet some parts of Jonas… enjoy!


deceivers became messengers

a memory


film 1.30 min

What universe do I live in – the universe that has “wormholes” – where you can travel wherever you want in a second. On my planet there are no fences, only if you put them there yourself. I’m easily deceived… the downside of free thinking is that it makes me gullible. In a way I’m glad I was fooled, I had forgotten that I saw a person 5-6 years ago – I saw a presence and a talent that I wanted to meet.

I am grateful that I was reminded

Självklart… vi är ju samma!



film 59 sec

I opened a window

Predator _ charcoal on paper _ size: 240 x 150 cm

and there was the PREDATOR

To be seen as a prey

… it is kind of horrific!



I went through memories from last year – and this very day was a special day, a road Trip.

the location is: Båstanäs in Töckfors

– the place is filled of silent stories. time was short, there was so much more to film.

It was poignant – jag blev så berörd – to walk there among all the cars, the deeper into the forest, the older and rustier it became. I actually saw wrecks that looked like they were from before WWII.

sketch_film 2.03 min

yesterday – CECILIA – one of my four sisters!

… busy welcoming!

Cecilia has built a kennel – with a lot of passion and love – one of the best borzoi kennels in Sweden… lot of gold doggs! Fantastic breeding.

Her garden,in the middle of Gothenburg… like hidden, kind of unreal… lovely!

… always new things in development.

The cellar where fish overwinter and are then released into the ponds of the wooden farm.

There is a lot to say about everything my sister does … will come back another time!

2015 – my very multi talented sister builds a pond.

Sunday… autumn 2022

TODAY – I so long for inspiration!

Six months ago I was on a Sunday at Röda Sten, and that was inspiring. Feeling and seeing other people’s work, when that work is genuine&true… I just love it!

film 1 min

I am inspired by this picture even though it is my own… I love what I have managed to portray here. Think, some things can only be “read” in pictures… pictures are such an amazing language!

kind of…

Jody Foster_”Contact


MAXIM – the theatre

film 1.31 min

STOCKHOLM – 2022-11-16 19:00

Norén – theater – “that’s how simple love is”… well, it’s not simple! … that’s for sure!

I had an experience… that didn’t exist in my reality… it happened to me anyway! It’s becoming art!

I went to Stockholm, went to the theatre Maxim… actually mainly to understand reality, which I had begun to doubt… would have filmed a lot more, but lost the desire due to internal circumstances. Anyway, it was a valuable experience, to be able to be part of the last performance – in reality… happy that I have seen the much loved theater Maxim, before it was shut down.

Loaded with new insights I went home… it was/is surreal. I’ve fallen out, beyond earth’s gravity!


If anyone wants to add this little film clip to their memories – the end of Maxim – it is now available for download!

Warm Greeting zeppa


night work…


… and this night… no sleep… thinking… deepens… it is so inspiring… new chapter… love it!

Thank You Oliv. for the nice night-chat-company!



Picture story in the making!