I think I am preparing my self for the infamous dragon people from outer space!!

FABRIC lizard

Sometimes I get stuck in a fabric store and get so fascinated by fabrics, so between painting and film, I squeeze in the creation of clothes … everything flows, can not be stopped, the latest addition is these

“lizard pants” & “lizard skirt”

dreaming light

Dreaming light – a Light Dragon – do they exist?

there you go – film – the dragon dress


and of course – film – the dragon pants


Spirituel Tram Impressions

I think that it is in some ways like go into a twilight zoon when traveling by tram in Gothenburg. On the one hand, the trams that go here are often from the 70’s … it feels really strange, considering how everything else has developed since then! And besides, it’s always a bit special because you get trapped in a vehicle with unknown people, all with their different energy bubbles. I will work in this painting like an experiment. I will see if I can land in an abstract description of a moment on a tram… without any people being seen … really nothing should be seen, just felt!

one min. movie



I do not know, but “COURAGE” has an inherent … if you give yourself time to look, you can feel it.
I’m enchanted … that’s why it will be a movie!

So long, go ahead … a teaser!

the artist Bengt Olson

There will be more to come about Bengt Olson… you can find out more about him via his website:


A Vortex of DANCE&ART


WE ARE working out a performance.

We are building a story, through art, through dance, through film … everything matters, all expressions meet in a vortex and have a life of it’s own … we listen … and we are amazed!

We want, in small portions, share the work with you during the project.

We feel that the way are just as interesting as the finished performance.

take part in our journey and follow us

DANCER: Carmen _ carmenolsson.com

ARTIST: zeppa _ zeppaart.com

It will be a show and it will be a movie!


photo Carmen Olsson

An artist’s defense speech

so-called artist – like myself – you do not choose, it is only in your genes. It’s a blessing – you live a rich inner life. but it is also horrible, vulnerable and omitting. you stand outside your surroundings …

you are visible but almost never seen…

People in the immediate environment are quite often provoked by the person you are … I do not know why … even those closest to you … it is sometimes very lonely, very sad…

Many times I have been extremely hurt … but I have been quiet about it, because I understand that they do not see… did not understand, or chose not to understand … in any case … why do you/we so easily forget respect … the most monumentally important thing… most important human trait!

I guess we can all feel that way … maybe …


DANCER: Carmen _ carmenolsson.com

ARTIST: zeppa _ zeppaart.com


some friends

grace fully let their beautiful curtains end up in my studio instead of on the garbage dump … sometimes “manna” falls from the sky!

ZEPPA… the robot rerun intruder!

one day she was just standing inside my studio! … incomparable … and besides, she wants me to be her assistant !!!


The performance between Kyoto and Mölndal


Short film collage, different parts, interpreted by zeppa.

In this performance Carmen did travel threw the digital space

collage of

FROM MÖLNDAL – Zeppa studio.

TO KYOTO_ City University of Art _ the Horikawa Oike Gallery

Yasuaki Matsumoto – Hiroshi Koyama – Yoko Iwasaki


working pictures

After talk at zeppas studio with audience


zeppas studio – preperd for the performance

Jan Christer Magnusson – Carmen Olsson – Harald Svensson – Astrid Von Rosen

Devoted audience, a very pleasant moment!