Happy Birthday…


Father, 90 years some days agao!


  • life has been complicated!

…  father, with one of the twin sisters in the lap…… life has been complicated, sometimes beautiful, marvelous and great… but sometimes also hard, cruel and boring!

It is such a special group, the family that you are born in to. Who they are… really, I mean in the deepest since!

… the one that says ‘’aj’’ it´s me!  … and the one that pinching me is my beautiful sister who died a year ago.  I hope she has found these lovely groan meadows which seems to be in a different reality!




One of my fantasies

… a small cut out of the vision!



My god… it is so healthy, funny and exiting to build something… anything!

About every morning I sit at the computer about 5.00, or even earlier in the morning, and fantasizing in photo shop … I am BUILDING … right now my imagination is located at New Zealand … with an amazing sea view!

My project ”sketching a building” began in the summer 2015,  first as a museum and has later on continued to be a more private  culture place… in any case. … this is from an early stage, when it was still a museum … a small, small cut out of the picture!

I will show more… later when the sketching project has developed more.

To Do The Walk


1973, from the time when I fantasized big paintings, through small sketches.

TO find the bright way, to find the path that leads to greater awareness!


TO balance on the line, the thin thread that ranges through life and time, through all the storms, all unexpected living space without losing balance … anyways without falling, it has always been a stunning reality for me… from my time as a kid right up to this day!

I see that we as well as float like balloons after ourselves, our consciousness is not integrated with our physical existence. No wonder it’s perplexing to ’’do the walk’’ through life!




sunday meeting

… with Bengt!

(photo above/painting by Bengt Olson above the couch)



Yesterday I had a long meeting with Swedish-French painter Bengt Olson, who was prepering himself for the tripp back to Paris and to his wife Cric… after an extra long ”staying” in Sweden.

Bengt is telling stories while I am sketching him.  This afternoon he is remembering some disappointments concerning a work… and I must say, that energy adds some intense vibes to the sketch!



Bengt remebering disappointment concerning a work
sketch/crayon , 43”x36”




to do a ”Zeppa-zafety”

where does it come from?

… what is there to know?

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT that the person who sings off the board is the same person who painted the painting? Today is teeming up with talented counterfeiters… I will show you a way to avoid the swindlers!

… except that you do not want to be cheated, and in addition to paying for a lot more underlying work than just the fact that one purchase!  All crafts are inpregnate by variably unseen forces! It is extremely inportant what you bring home… for you who don´t know, to you’r awareness… an object is just a capsule, a shell filled with just the exact energy that it was made by!

The great thing about buying a work of art is, in my opinion, that you besides the image, do take part of the artist’s invisible presence … you simply purchase an animated object … it cannot get more exclusive than that … and that is what you are buying when buying a work of art!


” Zeppa-safety ” is:

  … an hair collection in a safe deposit boxes from a selected individual who is no longer alive… from this hair collection you use a piece of hair each time you sign you’r artwork.  hair must always be in a certain measure, such as 2 cm … unless it does not apply even if it is the right DNA, it is to eliminate cheating alternatives to open the capsule and cut a piece of the hair, to use for other work..


Mount the hair shaft in papie mache (above) and rap the it  in some plastic or evan better tin foil paper, and then put the package in a ”capsule” , and mount it on the artwork. The ”capsule” can for example be made in paipé mache, wood or plaster.


You mount the ”capsule” with suitable glue!


From the beginning of 2016, all my paintings will be marked with ” Zeppa-zafety ”… a piece of hair which is encapsulated in a mounted area of the object… and if you ever want to check the authenticity of a painting of me, you should be able to submit the painting to get an DNA-analysis. With proffesionell help, lift the seal with a scalpel  and do DNA analysis of the hair shaft and comparing it with an analysis, that within a relatively near future, initially will be accessible on my website, later also elsewhere on the web.



 ”Fauteuil-caramels ”

Today I show a sample of a work of art here that is part of a new series of paintings that I call  ”Fauteuil-caramels” … and of course, there is the new addition to it, a DNA sealing!

”Fauteuil-caramels ”, 2016 acryli/ojl on wood, external dimension: 21”x17”/ 53cmx43cm

I will soon reveal more of the series artworks ”Fauteuil-caramels”!


… like Zeppa Fashion!


Sometimes, when I do stumble on a fabric that realy trigger my brain, I just explodes in creations.

Here is one of my latest! 



The New Artcenter


link: Forsåker Byggnad 14

An Art Gallery project in its infancy – kultur i mölndal – it is exciting and I´m looking forward to the further development!



Göteborgs Konst Biennal Extended 2015

The Inauguration 19 september 2015 

Mats Jansson

förvaltningschef kultur och fritid mölndal

Göteborgs-Posten_Pannhus blir Ny Konsthall


Dans performans by Carmen

”nothing desolve(s) to”

 Collaboration between:

the sculptor Åsa Herrgård, the dancer Carmen Olsson and the sound artist Dan Fröberg


… this is thrilling!

How amazing it is to see talent, whatever form it manifests itself in!

Jonas Burgert


Westminster News Online


I see artist Jonas Burgert painting, and orginate in the steam off early medieval part time, while I’m very much in the present day. Contemporary art… scary, crowded and intelligent! It feels a bit like ”action and consequence” interpreted in a very beautiful and decorative way.

I think it is strikning!

…. Jonas Burgert painting above versus Michelangelo Buonarroti painting below…

Can you feel the energies – the similar expression – the resembling manifestation!?

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Michelangelo Buonarroti


Merry Christmas!

… and God Jul


Wish You All the Best… All of You out there!

Merry Christmas.2.LÅG

… with all my dear sisters!


Sunday…  and I am listen spellbound to Sting!

”Desert Rose”