THIS HEIR, behind me… this baby -25 years old – how is that possible

… wonder if he’ll pop out when he’s done? 
My hands, or my will is teaching me things my head doesn’t know

… sooo, wondering what will come of this..

film 2.31 min

Art work in the in the final process


I want to highlight our inherited fear. As soon as we leave the safe womb, we are so incredibly vulnerable.

In this work – which has been ongoing, from and to, since 1997 – 2022 – I have portrayed my fear of existing in my earthly body, my earthly destiny. And as I see it, everyone else’s fate as well – because I am not alone in being born into a system where violence and power are one of the most controlling forces. After all, there is a counterforce of light and love, but not everyone is blessed to be in that frequency. Despite the fact that “THE LEGACY” has deep roots in a dark part of me, my personality, the work is portrayed with humor. Because humor is a great tool to deal with difficulties. So this little baby, sitting on one side in a crack of the work  – is even before leaving the womb – armed! This little heir seems to embrace his destiny even as he thinks: shit! On the other side of the work, his father – the comic book hero The Phantom rides his horse, gun at the ready… my childhood comic book hero, whom I chose to portray as the patriarchal role model.

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