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I am sorry to say, that this film – “100 Years Of Seasons” – was not in time, because of a lot of digital problems… so to late, but as they say: “better late than never”.



below, is the version of the film
“100 Years Of Seasons”
from the site of Bohusläns museum!

There will soon be a renewed version, of this film, here at my site

… just because I’m having an urged to do some more things!

a magic collaboration!

BY the THREE OF US in the body and the fourth in the spirit – Nathalia Edenmont with her large art-photos.

Carmen – Sunniva – Zeppa

Nathalia Edenmont



In the Galleria of BOHUSLÄNS MUSEUM – by Studieförbundet – surrounded of art by

Nathalia Edenmont

fotografi konstnär/photo artist

teaser_100 Years Of Seasons

Click to access beskrivning-1-video-art.pdf

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