work titel – CLOSER

initially baseed on this film

I will charcoal chark drawings

I will process some specially selected images digitally. The pictures will be printed – with the highest quality on board –

then hand painted in selected areas with oil paint.

the film is a first draft – a working sketch so far

film 3.40 min

UPCOMING art works: MIXED MEDIA = print and painting

raw sketc

You never know when it is the last time you see your friend…

Oliver Cederquist – in own costume/design


film_ 2.18 min

spiritual tram – painting

oil on canvas

work in progress


Pernilla Eskilsson

I had errands for the art gallery in Trollhättan – a work by me, ROOTS was part of Nature Remains&resident Carmen Olsson’s progress – inspiration took hold of me and I slipped into the other resident, Pernilla Eskilsson progress – Cloudy Wagon, I was enchanted and a film is ongoing.

This first part of the film is also in progress. the film is based on an observational, engaging and personal experience of Pernilla’s project.

teaser – 1 min


… just a message!

Here is simply wonderful to be!

Nature Remains – ROOTS

With a focus on Carmen Olsson… there will be a post later about Pernilla Eskilssons project!

The purpose of this residence time, is to let the artists develop&experiment with ongoing projects. This film is also an ongoing project, a kind of film sketch!
In this film you can see a tree from above … it is thanks to Patrik Gunnar Helin and his drone!

film -12,16 min


DANCER: Carmen _

Zeppa&Fantomen_Zeppa&The Phantom

titel of this art work is: Letter From Diana

silent talk

Denna tavlan har en speciell plats i min historia
This painting has a special place in my history

I guess in this case – it’s me who’s Diana!

Jag antar att i det här fallet – är det jag som är Diana!

Inbjudnings bilden till utställningen “The Eagle Has Landed” där denna tavlan var navet.

… he has entered a new spirit of the times, there is a gender development.

Letter From Diana – 1997

size: 300 x 300 cm

triptyk/tre delar

medium: acryl på duk

Mölndals Museum – fantomen klubben på besök

MÅLNINGEN har stannat i min ateljé i alla år, förutom en vistelse på några månader på Mölndals museum, för ca 6-7 år sedan. Vid ett tillfälle höll jag ett föredrag för Sveriges fantomen klubb, ett antal herrar, som befann sig spå bokmässan, hade hört talas om tavlan, hörde av sig till Mölndals museum, de bad om ett litet föredrag av konstnären… kunde jag ju inte motstå… samtidigt lite “odd” att berätta att jag fått en baby med fantomen för en grupp herrar… underliga situationer man kan hamna i, men jag tror att de hade kul!. De ville så gärna höra om denna tavlas tillkomst och varför!

Phantom baby-Armstrong

THE PAINTING has stayed in my studio for all the years, except for a stay of a few months at Mölndal’s museum, about 6-7 years ago. On one occasion I gave a lecture for the Swedish Phantom Club, a number of gentlemen, who were at the book fair, had heard about the painting, heard from Mölndal’s museum, they asked for a small lecture by the artist and that I could not resist … at the same time a little “odd” to tell that I had a baby with the phantom for a group of gentlemen … strange situations you can end up in, but I think they had fun !. They really wanted to hear about the origins of this painting and why!

close ups – närbilder

NÅGRA detalj bilder ur tavlan:

SOME detail pictures from the board:

Tavlan med ett par andra verk blev också omtalat i medier lite här och var.

The painting with a couple of other works was also mentioned in the media a bit here and there.

Trollhättan – konsthall

… Alice in Wonderland?

It is a fantastic entrance to the area where the art gallery is located … it offers both depth, excitement and incomparable possibilities, if you think about this rabbit’s presence.

Carmen Olsson has been given a residence in Trollhättan’s art gallery – and so has the textil artist Pernilla Eskilsson – starting soon. It is possible to visit the art gallery during this time:

25 april – 22 maj

WE ARE – Carmen and I – in some collaboration there during her stay.

… again in the light with new meaning!

Wednesday morning a scenery will be moved from my studio to Trollhättan … again in the light with new meaning… like magically!

photo zeppa
A Vortex of DANCE&ART
photo Carmen Olsson


WE ARE working out a performance.

We are building a story, through art, through dance, through film … everything matters, all expressions meet in a vortex and have a life of it’s own … we listen … and we are amazed!

We want, in small portions, share the work with you during the project.

We feel that the way are just as interesting as the finished performance.

take part in our journey and follow us

DANCER: Carmen _

ARTIST: zeppa _

It will be a show and it will be a movie!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is C_Z_TEAS.1.BILD_.L.jpeg
photo work zeppa

DANCER: Carmen _

ARTIST: zeppa _

You never know when it is the last time you see your friend…

Oliver Cederquist – in own costume/design


film_ 2.18 min

work in progress

A Dragon Has Come Out Of Its Cave

You can beat the Dragon with your mind

… doesn’t matter if it is an outsider or insider Dragon – it is not easy, you have to practice, every day – to sharpen your focus. The Dragon’s nourishment is your fear, your despair, or your lack of direction.

… and, the truth is, I do not know how to do this … I just know it’s so!

titel: Meet you self in the mirror – and ask your self – Where Are You?


I think I am preparing my self for the infamous dragon people from outer space!!

FABRIC lizard

Sometimes I get stuck in a fabric store and get so fascinated by fabrics, so between painting and film, I squeeze in the creation of clothes … everything flows, can not be stopped, the latest addition is these

“lizard pants” & “lizard skirt”

dreaming light

Dreaming light – a Light Dragon – do they exist?


and of course – film – the dragon pants