Trollhättan – konsthall

Alice in Wonderland?

It is a fantastic entrance to the area where the art gallery is located … it offers both depth, excitement and incomparable possibilities, if you think about this rabbit’s presence.

Carmen Olsson has been given a residence in Trollhättan’s art gallery – and so has the textil artist Pernilla Eskilsson – starting soon. It is possible to visit the art gallery during this time:

25 april – 22 maj

WE ARE – Carmen and I – in some collaboration there during her stay.

… again in the light with new meaning!

Wednesday morning a scenery will be moved from my studio to Trollhättan … again in the light with new meaning… like magically!

photo zeppa

film 59 sec

photo Carmen Olsson


WE ARE working out a performance.

We are building a story, through art, through dance, through film … everything matters, all expressions meet in a vortex and have a life of it’s own … we listen … and we are amazed!

We want, in small portions, share the work with you during the project.

We feel that the way are just as interesting as the finished performance.

take part in our journey and follow us

DANCER: Carmen _

ARTIST: zeppa _

It will be a show and it will be a movie!

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photo work zeppa

DANCER: Carmen _

ARTIST: zeppa _

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