Lost Virgin

Lost Virgin: oil on canvas – approx: 140x 100 cm 1980

Isn’t it the case that there is a lost innocence/virgin in each of us – painful sadness – something significant given that was not recognized – everyone is right in their interpretation of Lost Virgin.

Once I tried to buy back – Lost Virgin – but lo and behold it didn’t work!

Unfortunately, there are many “lost Paintings” from this time zoon – but here are some who made it, a selection!

self learning – how to and how to noT!

I chose in this school of my own to still depict events, feelings and thoughts – it became a type of surrealism – as I see it this way in retrospect.

talking: oil on canvas approx:135×100 cm 1980

Two friends who were very important to me, growing up – Soile-best friend/for a while – George, reading the paper, my first great love!



I was very focused on what the truth really is about reality alert to leakage – perceived some kind of spiritual help – to see – while not really knowing a bit about the origin of that help.

I moved away from home shortly after I turned 17 – not because I was ready for it, but because I couldn’t stand the facade of a family that no longer existed.

The world, us – social structures, people, nature – earthly existence scared me so extremely – and actually still does!

oil on canvas, 200×100 cm 1981

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