I am primarily a painter

I split my time – the creativity – between painting, film making and creating clothes… it has become a good way for me to work, it stimulates…



– I am finishing the artwork – The Devine Motherhood.
The Divine Motherhood

The first documentation of the work can be seen in the video below!

film _ 2 min

The Divine Motherhood

Personal Approach

Artistisk Approach


Min intention, det jag söker när jag målar, filmar är att förtydliga det otydliga!

Nu står jag på tröskeln till förändring, jag börjar se en mening att göra tvärtom – att göra verkligheten lite otydligare – det är märkligt. Jag arbetar alltid intuitivt så jag vet att denna förändring har stor betydelse… det är något jag uppfattar, något som händer, jag vet inte riktigt vad… men det är just det som är min drivkraft. Det är en resa, utveckling som ständigt pågår. Jag har ingen trygg och fast form, för snart efter att jag har skapat en form, lämnar jag den… nyfiken på nästa form.


My intention, what I seek when I paint, film is to clarify the unclear!

Now I’m on the threshold of change, I’m starting to see a sense in doing the opposite – to make reality a little more unclear – it’s strange. I always work intuitively so I know that this change has a lot of meaning… it’s something I perceive, something happening, I don’t really know what… but that’s exactly what drives me. It is a journey, development that is constantly ongoing. I don’t have a safe and fixed form, because soon after I create a form, I leave it… curious about the next form.

I develop in the film medium, and find it very inspiring!

the theme in this film: DEPARTURE – You never know when it’s the last time you see a friend!

one of my latest work of art – 2020-2022

– has been about a painting, a picture with a the titel “Lolita Express” – a title that we all know since Epstein became visible – I probably never spent so much money on paint and time, which I then completely scraped away. It has been so difficult to give that title an image that speaks all the nuances, all the layers of language.

I thought there would never be anything, the big sticky canvas has just been allowed to stand … but to my great surprise, “she” wants to appear on the canvas so now I have started painting on it again on the same canvas.

FILM 2021

film _ 2 min

one year to find the right face


titel: 2005

titel: Leter from Diana, 1997

Cascuo De Poder

FILM 2019

film _ 2 min

Cascuo De Poder



… And so the creations beside painting… the happy surface!

Creating clothes, a wonderful way to get to the surface and relieve the mind…in contrast to the deep-seated emotions that drive me in my painting.

a wonderful way to get to the surface

Creating Clothes
Creating Clothes

It is not the sewing in you that attracts me, but the forms that I come up with. Fabrics attract me so much as language.

FILM 2022

film _ 2 min

zeppa utopia

I´m working a lot in photoshop… it is a great toal to extand you´r dreams.

ON THE THRESHOLd &and the room between

– a poetic interpretation of the approach to the room between – in which i myself think i am staying… not consciously, it kind of just feels that way in relation to my surroundings!

My room is separated from the space of the surroundings in an outright way.  It´s a mystery, and it characterizes my work. Though time is still in my room,  I am moving fast. … we are coexisting – an creative battle that seems to be an never ending story… my destiny!

the hidden room within the room

Lexby 1960 – I was 5 years

Alli, my godmother and me!

My Language… these were not ordinary letters!

picture-letters – created 1983

I did found it when I was five years old, a truly magical moment!

  With pad and pencil at my desk in my room that I shared with one of my four sisters, I began to explore my inner world.  I spent much of my youth, from the age of 14 till I turned 20, living in a state of dreams and visions — engrossed in a my surroundings. When I turned 20, I began to seriously and purposefully develop my artistry. Different material and approaches make up my toolbox and my life in a constantly evolving process. I am drawn like a moth to the light to, for me, new creative circumstances and processes.  I find myself in constant creation! Sometimes it’s just wonderful when my creative process set out as an immortal state! And sometimes it´s horrible… why do I not work safe?

I have taught painting – but I myself – have not attended any higher education. I learn while the act is going on. it has not suited me to spend too much time in social structures and moreover I have not had time to set aside because of my need for expression has driven me on my own path.


Min film 37

I think I have to thank my grandfather’s genes for both good and evil… he educated himself according to his interest… and developed so many! He painted, built his house and his boat – Sailed alone across the Kattegat – he knew 9 languages, he became an expert on orchids he filmed and photographed- absolutely wonderful pictures-unusual for that time… and he did much more…

Profession – he was the kind polisman in the street – it is first long time after his death that I realize that he was something of his own kind!

Grandpa Kalle on his motorcycle

when he became 89 years old he was still riding his bike, both TV and news pappers wanted to talk to him… he stoped with his motorbike when he was 94.!

photo Grandpa Kalle

New adventures are on the way

As always in life… it’s dizzying, fun, wonderful and terrifying at the same time!

The Divine Motherhood