a poetic interpretation of the approach to the room between!

MY ROOM is separated from the pace of the surroundings in an outright way. It´s a mystery, and it characterizes my work. Though time is still in my room, I am moving fast.

My room and I – we are coexisting – an creative battle that seems to be an never ending story… my destiny!



Sometimes I wonder what sort of knowledge there is in the hands!

Artistic Approach

My intention is to crystallize the hidden room within the room. I am heading forward to a abstract surrealistic expression, towards a kind of spacious room.

Philosophically… It´s about light, in contrast to darkness… it´s about focus, it´s about finding the way in or finding the way out… and I am in the planning, the sketching and the thinking phase.

 I am primarily a painter

I did found my language when I was five years old, a truly magical moment.  With pad and pencil at my desk in my room that I shared with one of my four sisters, I began to explore my inner world.  I spent much of my youth, from the age of 14 till I turned 20, living in a state of dreams and visions — engrossed in a my surroundings. When I turned 20, I began to seriously and purposefully develop my artistry. Different material and approaches make up my toolbox and my life in a constantly evolving process. I am drawn like a moth to the light to, for me, new creative circumstances and processes.  I find myself in constant creation! Sometimes it’s just wonderful when my creative process set out as an immortal state! And sometimes it´s horrible… why do I not work safe?