REBIRTH – part one

  I kind of died

after the hell-marriage

“Barbara” – recurring drawings between 2002-2006

 In the last phase of terror

I was by post getting cut pieces off my paintings. It was extra heavy the day a package fell in containing a doll with dried out eyes, severed hands – what do you do with such things –  I went to a priest, and asked if he could take care of it, just in case that something happened. It took 4 years to restore life, desire and happiness.

I became a kind of warrior – digital work mixed with sculpture

the impact it all had on my work

MY art – my visual world completely disappeared – somehow I eventually got everything out of the apartment I lived in – all the black, all the whips, skeletons, barbed wire and other things – I don’t remember how , but somehow it happened.

Thanks to my father, I had this apartment to both live and work in – as everything was gone, both work and clothes, I would find a new form to exist. I found a pair of military pants and a black leather jacket in a basement (can’t remember which one) – bought a pair of rough hiking shoes – and that became my outfit for 3 years – summer, autumn, winter and spring. It was tough – I love clothes, playing with the outside, make-up, poofing and puffing – but I put all that on the shelf – I became a kind of warrior. I got help in getting a little friend – a Yorkshire terrier – named Ida – She was probably sent from heaven, I actually think so… she opened the window to life & play again

In order to survive, I started teaching – art – at the community school.

self portrait :  mixed media – a window right into my being for the moment – Cardboard glued to wood – chalk, charcoal, collage – 100 x 130 cm

For a couple of years it was just lines all over the walls, lines and more lines… I realized I was trying to understand the air around me – very primitive – very intuitive – extremely serious – I was struggling to regain my understanding of my existence.


A completely magical vibrating night, I gave birth to a visual language – I call this my image-letters!

These images are like molecules in my paintings … my paintings are based in structure on various combinations of these – it is a kind of DNA code that has become visible.


I was asked to make an interior design and one of the picture-letters developed and became the center of the entire interior design work – it’s a bit fun to show it here in this context

 The Core 

This became the core of my work – art and interior design at Evas Paley – 1991 – avenue/Gothenburg of my work 


And the picture-letter continued – it became a collection that I call the Linné group – all with, just for this picture designed frame gold leaf – with logo.

Think – what a creative night can bring!

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