A Zeppa close-up of “COURAGE”

… an artist´s perspective of a friend and colleague´s sculpture, the
artist Bengt Olson. See if you can follow, listen and take in the essence of this sculpture for about 16 minutes. Just sit back and relax!

“Courage” is dedicated to Mr Lennart Larsson, who is a great art lover, patron and a very good friend to both Bengt and me. 

Röda Sten 2004

Lennart Larsson under a light installation at the kultur-project
photo Heidi Broström – Bengt Olson and zeppa, 2018

The New Artcenter


link: Forsåker Byggnad 14

An Art Gallery project in its infancy – kultur i mölndal – it is exciting and I´m looking forward to the further development!



Göteborgs Konst Biennal Extended 2015

The Inauguration 19 september 2015 

Mats Jansson

förvaltningschef kultur och fritid mölndal

Göteborgs-Posten_Pannhus blir Ny Konsthall


Dans performans by Carmen

”nothing desolve(s) to”

 Collaboration between:

the sculptor Åsa Herrgård, the dancer Carmen Olsson and the sound artist Dan Fröberg


… this is thrilling!

How amazing it is to see talent, whatever form it manifests itself in!

Jonas Burgert


Westminster News Online


I see artist Jonas Burgert painting, and orginate in the steam off early medieval part time, while I’m very much in the present day. Contemporary art… scary, crowded and intelligent! It feels a bit like ”action and consequence” interpreted in a very beautiful and decorative way.

I think it is strikning!

…. Jonas Burgert painting above versus Michelangelo Buonarroti painting below…

Can you feel the energies – the similar expression – the resembling manifestation!?

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Michelangelo Buonarroti