ZEPPA – ZERTIFIED – how to avoid the scams in art!

Today is teming up with talented counterfeiters
one way – my way – of guaranteeing original quality is THROUGH a:


  WHY IS IT IMPORTANT that the person who sings off the board is the same person who painted the painting? 


– that you do not want to be cheated!

… and in addition to paying for a lot more underlying work than just the fact that one purchase!  All crafts are impregnate by variably unseen forces! According to me – it is extremely important what you bring home – for you who do not know, to you’r awareness, an object is just a capsule, a shell filled with just the exact energy that it was made by!


The great thing about buying a work of art is, in my opinion, that you besides the image, do take part of the artist’s invisible presence – you simply purchase an animated object – it cannot get more exclusive than that! That is what you are buying when buying a work of art.


” Zeppa-Zertified ” is:

= an hair collection in a safe deposit boxes from a selected individual who is no longer alive!

… to avoid any “accidents”


– from this hair collection you use a piece of hair each time you sign you’r artwork –  hair must always be in a certain measure, such as 2 cm, unless it does not apply even if it is the right DNA, it is to eliminate cheating alternatives to open the capsule and cut a piece of the hair, to use for other work.


Mount the hair shaft in papie mache (above) and rap the it  in some plastic or evan better tin foil paper, and then put the package in a ”capsule” , and mount it on the artwork. The ”capsule” can for example be made in paipé mache, wood or plaster.


You mount the ”capsule” with suitable glue!

The ”capsule” is encapsulated in a mounted area of the object… and if you ever want to check the authenticity of a painting of me – or perhaps another artist who chooses this method –

you should be able to submit the painting to get an DNA-analysis. With professional help, lift the seal with a scalpel  and do DNA analysis of the hair shaft and comparing it with an analysis… and then, with a witness – of course, restore the capsule.

As for my works – it probably will be accessible on my website.


Below – samples of a work of art, that is part of a series of paintings that I call  ”Fauteuil-caramels” … and of course, there is the new addition to it, a DNA sealing!

”Fauteuil-caramels ”, 2016 acryl/oil on wood, external dimension: 21”x17”/ 53cmx43cm


The French Embassy, Stockholm 2017

“chevalier de l’ordre des arts et lettres”

The French Ambassad, beautiful rooms. This day my phone just quite… so I had to ask for photos, sometimes ask for phone camera and use myself… so the photos this day are a collection between friends. The photos are processed by me.

 Cric, Ulla and Heidi… thank you :-)… o  much for the collaboration!

 Bengt Olson
My dear friend and colleague Bengt Olson, … has been made a “Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres” a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters

– a French honorary title as a recognition of “significant contributions to the enrichment of the French cultural inheritance”

Projects in Paris during the  -70’s,:

Palais de Justice – 1976-77, -Cloud – 1978,

link: “Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres” 


 Bengt on his way towards Stockholm!

… with the very best company, wife Cric, Nisse and Ulla… dear&lovely friends!

photo: Ulla, Cric

David Cvach, Ambassadeur de France awarding the medal.

photo: Cric
“Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres”

film by Heidi SPEECH BY: Ambassador David Cvach, by Bengt Olson and by Barry
Bent accepts the award: “Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres”
photo: Ulla

Bent accepts the award

link: Konstnärsklubben

SPEECH BY: Bo Sydow, chairman of Konstnärsklubben.

film by Heidi

Bengt with beloved wife Cric, 17 okt 2017.

Bengt Olson with wife Cricia Olson
photo: zeppa

at the Résidence de France Stockholm

photo: Cric

Bengt with very best friends, Ulla, Nisse 

Bengt with with the French ambassador David Cvach and dear friend Heidi Boys Broström

Lennart Larsson and me… what did we talk about…

Happy and Overwhelmed

After a great reception, we said farewell to an overwhelmed Bengt

and went for late dinner at Miss Voon!


“In recent years, Jonas Svensson has contributed to the success story Miss Voon!” [TV 4]

My company ate lobstertacos and fjordlax tartar,

a dish that Jonas competed with in the next program the week thereafter, and won!

… so nice to meet you Maud and such a tasty, superb dinner Heidi… a great evening!

Stockholm is beautiful!


Jonas Svensson, Stockholm

Stjärnkock who went to school at both Melker Andersson and Danyel Couet. In recent years he 
has contributed to the success story Miss Voon in Stockholm and this year he opened new 
Miss Voon in Uppsala. His first chef job was in Skåne so now he plans to tie up the bag and win 
the Chefs match.

... to find MISS Voon in Stockholm!

The Wall

 Berlin, may 14




… with my dear space relative, daughter from the stars, super greate singer, artist and healer… living in Berlin… soon coming up with a new music video, and I am soo waiting for it!!





It is in the air!







Dark and beautiful… love this deep song by her!

Ode Milk






Hamburger Bahnhof

I really got inspired by the architecture in Berlin, in the way they manage to merge old and modern structures. We went to a kind of suburb… it did´t look really like this… but it felt like it! (below)


Seduce Me