I am the protector of my soul… and it will be art!


The stealing of someone else’s identity and the filling of that shape with evil desire!

the Grooming – the Predator – the Elimination

the short poetic film discription

film 59 sec.

What I met online!

replay – Beatrice – her grief


It was an “art performance” – for real – so strong… almost medieval.

I did portray the death and the burial of Queen Elizabeth an era

through Beatrice.

I kind of got “struck” by her – her grief went right through the window into my studio!

It touched me deeply that they were standing there for public viewing, with their claws – watched by prying eyes – but especially Beatrice. It was heartbreaking and in the same time pure and beautiful!

film 2. 27 min

mixed technique of charcoal sketches that were later digitally assembled – it can become a work for print.

Persbrandt by Zeppa


this post is not about Mr Persbrandt – it refers to a phenomenon!

film 59 sec.


Pernilla Eskilsson

I had errands for the art gallery in Trollhättan – a work by me, ROOTS was part of Nature Remains&resident Carmen Olsson’s progress – inspiration took hold of me and I slipped into the other resident, Pernilla Eskilsson progress – Cloudy Wagon, I was enchanted and a film is ongoing.

This first part of the film is also in progress. the film is based on an observational, engaging and personal experience of Pernilla’s project.

teaser – 1 min



Find the inner room where the noise does not reach!

 The truth is – it is only then as we can understand and clearly perceive what is happening around us outside ourself…. and it´s only then as we can consciously navigate in the outer world!

Unfortunately it is so easy to forgett the inner room…but that is so urgent to be in touch with it …  it should be the main goal!

… to stay connected!

”Serch Inside Yourself”

''Where Art Thou''
”Where Art Thou” 2006, acrylic on canvas, 110”x79”/280cmx200cm

”Drömmen Om Det Goda”

 Only then can we consciously navigate!

 …so it should be the first spot on the list of must-DO!

It is so cool that old theories is becomming a part of everyday use! 

That is future in light!