Stockholm – MAXIM – in replay

NorénStockholm – 2022-11-16 – 19:00

Last Breath

life is brutal

I went to Stockholm – I went to Maxim, the theater, by myself. I absorbed everything! In hindsight I wish I had filmed more – unfortunately I didn’t – I was just filming with my eyes and head!

… no sleep that night!

I had an experience – that didn’t exist in my reality – it happened to me anyway … and it’s becoming art, right now actually!

One event causes chain reactions – many events have crashed in the foyer since then.

There are many ways to interpret life…

film 1.31 min

MAXIM – the theatre

film 1.31 min

STOCKHOLM – 2022-11-16 19:00

Norén – theater – “that’s how simple love is”… well, it’s not simple! … that’s for sure!

I had an experience… that didn’t exist in my reality… it happened to me anyway! It’s becoming art!

I went to Stockholm, went to the theatre Maxim… actually mainly to understand reality, which I had begun to doubt… would have filmed a lot more, but lost the desire due to internal circumstances. Anyway, it was a valuable experience, to be able to be part of the last performance – in reality… happy that I have seen the much loved theater Maxim, before it was shut down.

Loaded with new insights I went home… it was/is surreal. I’ve fallen out, beyond earth’s gravity!


If anyone wants to add this little film clip to their memories – the end of Maxim – it is now available for download!

Warm Greeting zeppa