My Project…

”Through The Looking Glass”

My project, ”Through The Looking Glass”… it is about life in its diverse phases and therefore I have chosen to portray people of various ages, young people in the beginning of theire life’s journey, people in mid-life and people closer to the end of life are represented.

But I want more out of the project  ”Through the Looking Glass”…  through the process of this portray work I want, I hope to reach into the ” room” beyond, on the other side of life… while I am still here in the ”earthly room”. I know it is cracy to say… but I wish to build a bridge… mayby it only will be a poetic bridge… it will be very interesting to see!

… to be continued!

''The Peeping Clown''
”The Peeping Clown” 1979, Oil on canvas, 47”x35.4”/120cmx90cm – painting from earlier stages (signed with my other name) – apperently, evan if it was in my youth, I had the same need… there was something leaking through the wall that I had a need of processing in my work.

 … to understand the ”room” after life!

Will I succeed? Ye… it is not known … that you never know, maybe it’s just something on the road that I will find … something that I have to go this particular route to find! That’s why life is so exciting … we start something with an intention, but have no idea what it will lead to!

We have no idea!

It’s really quite incredible that there is a side of reality that we know nothing about, like a dark hole … we know it exists, we call it anti-matter … something that does not exist … but we can still see ”the something that is not there”, as a dark hole!

Think about those dark hole in the Universe… what if they are gates to the afterlife!!


We know only just the beginning in the existence beyond our earthly reality, and it is beginning with that our life ends! How is that possible, so incredibly exciting … while staggering, terrible, terrible… and we just have to do it alone!



(45 min)

What if these two matters are connected?

Dark matter and ”Death matter” (life after death)

… so there are two mysterious matters that we do not know nothing about!

That is my artistic, poetic applied research… totaly unscientifically… to find out…

My sister Bibbi, 1977 – 15 year – happy and on holydays in spain!

I wonder where Bibbi is now… since she left her bodily existence, august 2015!


my sister…

our sister – we were five sisters – now we are four

This summer 2015, a sunny august … in the garden.

My sister Bibbi and I had a sketch-session in the garden under a small shady apple tree … we knew what was going on… two weeks later Bibbi died.

Bibbi 1962 – 2015

BIBBI, charcoal sketch 70cmX80cm

Thursday, 8/20 2015, my highly and deeply loved sister Bibbi left the earth.

Bibbi, so beautiful, so amazing talented … something the world missed because Bibbi made herself visible only to the family and immediate circle of friends.

I will miss her so much … to see her, to hear her and laugh with her!

Bibbi has always been my first choice of person to show my work … she had a deep, clear and unique picture vision … the best!

Bibbi also had a great knowledge when it came to words, language … all kinds of texts. When she very rarely wrote … it was fantastic!

Bibbi, Bibbi …  I am deeply grateful to all our moments, days, laughter and tears!

Miss you and love you forever!

Your adoring sister Zeppa

That day… that late summer day… when we all found us in another sphere.

twin sister Cecilia
In the twin-sister garden… that day Bibbi left.

Bibbi didn´t believe in life after death! Now… I wonder…

I can´t believe that she don’t exist at all. I believe that somewhere – in an other dimension – her spirit is alive!

I wish I could time-travel to this day, to this beach and meet Bibbi there… because sometimes I dream that she is there!

I have made a sketch from a photo… mixed with my own inner vision – Bibbi in Spain, like 9 years old in a all to big bathing suit in a non bating suit fabric. She and her twin sister were so very thin in this age but full of super energi and curosity – they were kind of a dream team – so incredible sweet! And they had an admirer named “Koftan” which they hung out with a lot.


… about 4-5 years later

… same place in Spain, just another beach!

1977 – 15 year – happy and on holidays

… when life as a grown up began, with a lot of wonderful & exciting possibilities!

1977 Bibbi

1976 Månstad

photo Per Darland

bibbis home the last 10 years