my sister…

This summer 2015, a sunny august … in the garden.

My sister Bibbi and I had a session in the garden under a small shady apple tree … we knew what was going on… two weeks later Bibbi died.

Bibbi 1962 – 2015

bibbi.kol.bearb.FBBIBBI, charcoal sketch 70cmX80cm

Thursday, 8/20 2015, my highly and deeply loved sister Bibbi left the earth.

Bibbi, so beautiful, so amazing talented … something the world missed because Bibbi made herself visible only to the family and immediate circle of friends.

I will miss her so much … to see her, to hear her and laugh with her!

Bibbi has always been my first choice of person to show my work … she had a deep, clear and unique picture vision … the best!

Bibbi also had a great knowledge when it came to words, language … all kinds of texts. When she very rarely wrote … it was fantastic!

Bibbi, Bibbi …  I am deeply grateful to all our moments, days, laughter and tears!

Miss you and love you forever!

Your adoring sister Zeppa

Bibbi didn´t belive in life after death! Now… I wonder…

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