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 Torpa Stenhus

Torpa Stenhus… autumn 2015… a day within historical times! photo zeppa and marie
… yesterday I did another trip to Torpa!

A winter trip, realy coold… met some friends and joined a guided Christmas tour

in the stone castle. This house carry a lot of stories in the walls!

Part of my family have bee living in a little village cloose by, and still is, that is wy Torpa

Stenhus has a very speciall place in my heart… as it has for most of the people around.

It is located in a fantastic, increadeble envirement… so beautiful that it hurts!

photo zeppa
photo zeppa

Couple of years ago, specially one very hot summer I went to Hovsnäs,

 a place in connection to Torpa, almost every day… rent a rowboat for the day, brought paint

stoff and a picknick… it was totaly amazing wonderfull day´s, just as the photo above!

Sometimes there are a lot of people around here, but sometimes, if you pic a non holyday

period, you can be as lucky as me at that time… for many days I had this increadble

lake nearly by myself.

Unique for Torpa…

Unique for Torpa Stenhus is that it is in unimpaired ownership!

Current owner family Zethelius are the direct descendants related to

Arvid Knutsson who built the stone house in the 1400s. The house has

wandered  by turns on the male and female line of the family, hence the

relationship with Leijon Main & Capricorn. It is also the only

private “castle” in Sweden, passed in the same family since

the construction of the Middle Ages.

Pehr Zethelius, owner and a hard working man.

 webbsait: Torpa Stenhus

photo zeppa

Gustav Vasa

photo zeppa

King of Sweden Gustav Vasa… who had some ”doings” at the castle!

… married third and last time Katarina Stenbock 1552-1560…

there is a legend that he had to chase her in the castles

 passages to catch her… she was only 17 years old and he was 53.


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