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My Aunt 

My Aunt
Kerstin Backman, photo:

My loved and very dear Aunt, Kerstin Backman, writer and former schoolmaster

…  is to be celebrated!!

A newly opened bookstore in Järna has been named, by the owners,

after one of Kerstin´s books: ”Tudda Galumpan”…  🙂  … As far as I know she is the

only writer in Sweden who has achieved such a wonderful, creditable and flattering

honour! She is so worth it… in spite of the fact that she has really had some

ruff experiences in life, she has still managed to keep light and love as her prime motors!

Illustrations to the book is made by one sister of mine (got four) Lena Troedsson…

the two of them where a greate team!

By the way… my Aunt has unicorns grazing in her garden!

Swedish Radio

webb/article obout the store (in swedish)

webbsite: Bookstore ”Tudda Galumpan”

The bookstore ”Tudda Galumpan”, Järna, Sweden.





Angelina Lucia 

on tour!

Dearest super sweet Angelina…

who is one of a few well known Swedish country singers, had a

 suupercool meeting a couple of years ago, when  ”The Boss” had

  a concert in Gotheburg. When He gives a concert in Gothenburg

 it´s absolutely crowded in the city… as Gothenburg totaly loves him!

… so Angelina became ”the one chosen”

 meeting with Bruce 🙂 

This evening kl 20.00…  Angelina sings with  her bluegrass-band

 Dunderhead  at Karens Minde Kopenhagen, Denmark

… and next weekend Malmö, Sweden

Dunderhead, Malmö!

duet with Micael Grund



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