summer 2019


A collection of summer events, meetings and jobs!

… photo by sister Annika, in a moment of clarity, thank you for the capturing of wonderful light! 


Per, thank you for taking this photo… such super nice moment!

We are here to celebrate a master’s degree of Lisa Darland! … wonderful work!



Hurray-“Card” to Lisa… I was so very inspired in the making of it… there will be moore, I can feel it! 😉                                                                                          

 Hurray to Lisa… so lovely, inspireing and great work!! … best of luck to you!



I just love this building, the University of Malmö… it´s a genial kreation! 

taking a dip

… having fun…  hot magical night sky, full of stars!



A wonderful little town in the north of Sweden, you feel the culture bounce between the houses … surprisingly beautiful meeting between old and new.



… and a very specially celebration!!!

Resturang Månses

… at Resturang Månses, a very nice place, high class!


The transformation-gift!

a celebration in the day´s of three…  lovely way to hang around!

Happy Birthday … to  3 years in life!


In the middle of Sweden

visiting dear auntie!

… a very pleasant toilet  🙂coffee time and summer… hot summer!!

summer kreations

… lovely materials, pure silk and linen, soft and like poetry!

Hatt-creation this summer… so party like… named: “Happy-Hatt”… or is it Party-Hatt… anyway, it´s a hatt to be happy in!

… just In the beginning of this crazy flower-dream… it is soo incredible funny to make it happen! Like there is nothing to worry about!! … play… very important…




Thinking, planning… selecting!

This is where I live here on earth in my inner world, built of rusty smaller pieces, wooden sofas and other little things from the city’s details that I find on walks. Clothing: zeppa design and sewing. Own portrait photo, with a small appliance, apple “flic” … superb!

…I can find the way to mig place here on earth…easily , but how to build it so I can invite my friends to go there?



My studio, 16 people… one evening!

Thank You!

Yvonne,Thank You… guest and helper… couldn’t make without her!

photo. Heidi Broström, processed by zeppa

photo. Heidi Broström, processed by zeppa
photo. Gittan Flesser, processed by zeppa
photo. Heidi Broström, processed by zeppa

sudden insight

Photo Heidi Broström processed by zeppa

photo. Gittan Flesser, processed by zeppa
photo. Gittan Flesser, processed by zeppa



Ouch, Ouch, and Ouch!!!

Dammit!! … a slip and flip how fast it went!


Meetings and connections with friends!


space-doughter… big day to day, , big girl… Hurray to you with much love, space-mama

http://ode milk / Free Listening on SoundCloud



Carmen Olsson,  awarded The Gothenburg Dance prize 2019.


The Sleeping Artist, why… ?… you have to ask her!


… and a fantastic midsummer-meeting!


… helping me to cut the Art-Event-film… he is the one that made the film! 



… the student!


… the “surprising” brain! 🙂


… the “flamenco” brain   😉


.. the “flamenco”woman!

What a wonderful day it was… springtime, just before trees and flowers explodes in vitality… it is the absolut best time in Sweden, it is an transformation in both people and nature!

Christina Roos and Golnas

Christina – artist and potter brought a friend, the beauty-artist Golnas… a renewed friendship and a new friend    … like afterwork… very nice meeting!

photo Christina Roos, processed by zeppa



I end this summer-blog with the start of the summer!

Darling-guests visiting my studio… creating these masterpieces!

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