OLLIO – vernisage – Gallery Skanshof

Jonathan/OLLIO… a unique person, so very easy to like!

I met him first time 2003 … hmm … a lot of time has passed, many things have happened … I havn´t seen Jonathan since 2005 (I think) Ollio is still who he was and he also looks almost straight that day. Maybe an angel lives in Jonathan … I almost think so! 

I like Ollio’s language, followed his development, and it has been right, clear and strong, really well done, Ollio!!

… on my way!

Vernisage – short film

Skanshof – Goteborg.com


 It was a realy nice afternoon… KV 19 was not in our mind!

Dear friend of mine – Annika Lundberg

… have a look at Ollios site:

JONATHAN josefsson

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